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Standard Spell Test

What do you say...

1. to make boils pop put on someone's skin?
    a) Diffindo
    b) Furnunculus
    c) Pensaugeo
    d) Ennervate

2. for the Summoning Charm?
    a) Repairo
    b) Deletrius
    c) Accio
    d) Stupefy

3. to have a light appear at the end of your wand?
    a) Lumos
    b) Orchideous
    c) Petrificus Totalus
    d) Impervious

4. to cause your target's legs to lock?
    a) Engorgio
    b) Reducto
    c) Avada Kedavra
    d) Locomortor Mortis

5. to disarm your opponent in a duel?
    a) Furnunculus
    b) Expelliarmus
    c) Expecto Patronum
    d) Stupefy

6. for the Four-Point spell?
    a) Point Me
    b) Comparus
    c) Rictusempra
    d) There is no such spell

7. to cause an object to increase in size?
    a) Nox
    b) Obliviate
    c) Enorgio
    d) Incresize

8. to cause an object to repel water?
    a) Incendio
    b) Impedementa
    c) Crucio
    d) Impervious 

9. to extinguish the light at the end of your wand?
    a) Nox
    b) wand-off
    c) Extinguish
    d) Lumos

10. to erase someone's memory?
    a) Gondium
    b) Obliviate
    c) Wingardium Leviosa
    d) Erasize

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