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    Have you made up a spell that does not currently exist in the Harry Potter world? What is the name of the spell? What does it do? And why would it be a good spell to have?

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Fan Spells

Habibtros Okatlus
This spell gives you the power to be fluent in any language in the world. If you travel or you need to translate or talk in secret to other witches and wizards, this would come in handy.
  -Sent in by Sara

This spell sends an electrical charge out of the user's wand and into 
another object. Temporarily stuns the object as well as causes damage.
  -Sent in by Fancyfootwork91

Inviso Mento
This spell makes you invisible for a day. This can be useful for sneaking past teachers and other people.
  -Sent in by Lee

Cyclonus Transportus (si-clone-is: trans port us) Allows an underage witch or wizard to kind of apparate to another place (it can even be used to get in and out of Hogwarts) good for underage wizards and witches who need to go somewhere when they are alone.
  -Sent in Anonymously

Ravenetho Similar to Serpensortia, except it summons a Raven instead of a Snake
Uses: For distracting/attacking your opponent
  -Sent in by Chris

Animata (Pronounced: an-a-mat-a) Makes people go blind for about 30 seconds.
  -Sent in by Sheehan

Discedium (dis-ked-ee-um) This spell pushes a person off of the spell's caster or away from the spell's caster as to run away from them, get them off of the caster, or so more people can cast spells at the opponent without hurting others.
  -Sent in by Brandi

Maturius (mot-er-ee-us) This spell will help a person run faster to get away from an opponent or something dangerous; or added to another spell, like, Stupefy Maturius, the spell will act faster, and hit harder, making certain spells last longer, depending on distance.
  -Sent in by Brandi

Conspictum (con-spik-tum) This is mostly used by very wise wizards, who don't reveal this spell often. Wizards like Dumbledore and Voldemort can use this spell to reveal people under invisibility cloaks.
  -Sent in by Brandi

Bug Repellent Charm
Incantation:  Bugiania Sanoree!
Use: Repels bugs, could come in useful if you were in a thickly populated bug area.  Works on spiders too!
  -Sent in by Angela

Gryffindor Lion
Incantation: Gryffindia Amzedo!
Uses: Makes a lion come out of your wand. Can only be used by Gryffindors. Lion will attack the person who is attacking you
  -Sent in by Angela

Caronon Used in duels to blind the opponent temporarily by the rays of the sun.
  -Sent in by Bobaloo

Denoro Immobilizes the arms and mouth of your opponent so they can't use a wand or curse anyone. It also makes their feet stick to the ground and while under this charm you cannot apparate.
  -Sent in Anonymously

Janticric (ja-na-ticre-ik) Fuses something to make something very special.
Uses: Will fuse two of your spells together to make a stronger attacking spell.
  -Sent in by MMIKOU

Divify Use to multiply whatever you hit with it by ten. For example if somebody is chasing you you can hit a tree with it and it will block them from pursuing you further.
  -Sent in by spacemeat27

Tyrantio This unpleasant jinx causes whoever you hit with it you can take over they're body and, if you don't concentrate enough you will crush they're bones. Good thing its illegal.
  -Sent in by spacemeat 27

Ilcantiam Tatem Used in duels to make the person see triple so they will aim at the wrong vision of their opponent.
  -Sent in by spacemeat27

Retnitamo Allows you to see very far distances. Kind of like binoculars only with a spell.
  -Sent in by Carly

Oranthium Inncantortum This is the only spell known to man that can ward off werwolves.
  -Sent in by Jenica

Eventhis This spell, if used properly, will make anything on your face disappear; such as acne, shallow scares, freckles, and other stuff like that.
  -Sent in by Jenica

Sanktor Blendi  The counter curse for Caronon and if done correctly it will blind your opponent in return. 
  -Sent in by Bobaloo

Derpenseesan This spell is used in duels to shock your opponent with lightning and if held long enough can cause lightning storms.
  -Sent in by Bobaloo

Durtinin (Dyurtinin) Only the most powerful witches and wizards can cast this spell. It is usually used to stop floods and can sometimes stop avalanches.
  -Sent in by Bobaloo

Incantation: sap-ell-do-yo-pus
This spell makes all of the Hogwarts house animals appear including the one of the house you despise and you can then control the animals to distract your opponent and escape.
  -Sent in Anonymously

Ridiculous Immobilus Revelum
This spell freezes an object (such as a wardrobe) and all items inside. The wardrobe then becomes transparent (you can see into it from the outside). This is the first and only spell that allows you to see the true and original form of a boggart.
  -Sent in Anonymously

Brings Dementors out of your wand, or can be used to repel them.
  -Sent in by Samantha

Ardere Oculus
Incantation: Ardere Oculus
Category: Self-Defense / Defense
What it does: If you take Latin, or happen to have a Latin/English dictionary handy (not very likely), you can pretty much figure out what the spell does. I'll tell you anyway. Ardere Oculus acts kind of like a magical pepper-spray- only no pepper is involved. It will cause a burning sensation in the pupils of the eyes, and if used properly, will painfully blind the attacker until the curse is lifted. Uses: This could be a handy spell to use if you were attacked by someone, and you needed to get away quick. Or it can be used on pesky little siblings who steal your stuff (probably more affective than turning their teddy bear into a giant spider, and will most likely result in more satisfactory payment).
Counter-Curse: Bonia (pronounced bon-I-a, with a long I sound; again, find a Latin dictionary)
  -Sent in by Lisa Turpin (See Harry Potter, Book One - Sorting Hat)

Password Revealer
Incantation: revulius da cuide
What it does: Reveals any password. (ie for common rooms)
  -Sent in by Ignacio

Incantation: moony
What it does: Causes the receiver of the spell to act like they are animals for two days.
  -Sent in by Binyam

Incantation: ap-pi-ra-to
What it does: Makes anything appear; simply concentrate on what you want to appear, say the spell, and it appears! This is good for quick, free food, and if you're poor you can make money appear, the best spell!
  -Sent in by Robert

Incantation: soup-are-oh
What it does: Health boost, stimulant, almost like steroids but with no harmful side effects.
  -Sent in by Robert

Frieshenda Shedayah
Incantation: Fray - shen-day Shed-ay-uh
What it does: This is an Unforgivable Curse that causes the victim to shed blood.
In more detail: Point your wand at the victim and say Frieshenda Shedayah. This will cause large gashes to appear on your victim. If you just want a couple of cuts to appear you need to learn the curing spell. Otherwise you can bleed to death.
  -Sent in by Lia

Incantation: Mia-lang-a
Point your wand at an object and say Miallanga (Mia-lang-a). This will cause the object so smoke then explode.
  -Sent in by Lia

Summon a Griffin
Incantation: Griffin!
Use: Summons a Griffin which can only be used by Gryffindors
  -Sent in by Darcy

Summon a Bird
Incantation: Birdia
Use: Summons a bird at will
  -Sent in by Shannon

Double Charm
Incantation: Twintus or Clontus(Clone-tus)
Use: Makes the person or object the wand is pointing at to have a twin/dublicate or a clone for an hour
  -Sent in by Darcy

Incantation: Numbness
Use: Makes your opponent have blurred vision and see many of you, so they can't figure out which one is you straight away. And if they "find" you they turn numb for 5 minutes.
  -Sent in by Jenny

Speed Charm
Incantation: Rapidos
Use: This charm will charge up your speed for about an hour so that you can run with the speed of 5 cheetahs. Your wand will need to regenerate for about 10 minutes after you use that spell.
  -Sent in by Dash Incredible

Human Beast Transfiguration
Incantation: Statransfera
Use: This charm will give you the abilities of any animal you choose, magical or muggle. You won't turn into the animal but you will still be able to breathe fire if you asked for a dragon or run at super speeds like a cheetah.
  -Sent in by Dash Incredible

Sheildoi Wayis
Incantation: Sheildoi Wayis
Use: Creates an energy shield around you that protects you against spells and other objects cast your way.
  -Sent in by Sebastian

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