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U.S. Editions

Official Site of Mary GrandPré

    Mary GrandePré, the illustrator for the American version Harry Potter books, has been drawing since she was five years old. During her mid-twenties, while attending art school, she developed the love for pastels. She has tried other things but always comes back to pastels. She enjoys illustrating children's books best because she can use bright colors. Perhaps her biggest accomplishments to date are the covers of the Harry potter books and her work as a visionary in the environment/scenery development in DreamWorks animated film Antz.


French Editions

Jean-Claude Gotting

    Jean-Claude Gotting was born in Paris On April 21st, 1963. His first book, Creve-Coeur,  received the Best First Comics Book award in 1986 in Angouleme. Jean-Claude now dedicates his time to press and book illustration and painting.

For more information on Jean-Claude Gotting visit:
Jean-Claude Gotting Illustration


UK, Australian, and Canadian Editions

Book 1 - Thomas Taylor

    Thomas was born in England and grew up in Wales. He followed art through school and college, eventually attending Norwich School of Art and Anglia Polytechnic University. He explored theatre design before graduating with an illustration degree in 1995, concentrating on children's illustration.

    His first commissioned work was for Bloomsbury for the jacket of Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone!

Click here for more information.

Book 2 & 3 - Cliff Wright

    Cliff Write is the illustrator of the 2nd and 3rd U.K. edition Harry Potter books. You can see some of his Harry Potter artwork here.

Book 4 - Illustrator: Giles Greenfield

    Giles Greenfield illustated the Cover for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. To see more artwork by Glies Greenfield, click here.

Book 5 - Jason Cockcroft

    Jason Crockcroft is an award-winning artist known for his delicate illustrations. Click here to see one of his illustrations.

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