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Book 7

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Miscellaneous Theories

Book 7 Theories

    A big battle will take place between the order and death eaters. Voldemort will kill Dumbledore and then turn to Harry . he will be stopped from killing him by Wormtail  and Harry then kills Voldemort. Lupin will die and so will Wormtail which will mean all of the marauders will be dead.
  -By Ben


    I agree with Ben. The Order will be in a big battle against Voldemort's side, Harry's friends too, and near the end, everyone in the Order is dead or unconscious. I think history will repeat itself and someone will die to save Harry again. Maybe Dumbledore. Or maybe Severus Snape. Stupid as that sounds I know Snape will have a big part in this. Well, then it just goes down to Harry and Voldemort, and since their wands don't work properly against each other in battle, Harry will have to find another way to defeat him...I'll bet it has something to do with love, even though I know that sounds a tad cheesy. Well Harry will find the strength somehow, and then he will defeat him, but he'll die too... I mean, JKR said she's already finished the last chapter of book 7, and everyone knows she keeps warning us that Harry might not survive... 
  -By punkrocker17


    I agree with "punkrocker17". We all know after Goblet of Fire, that Harry and Voldemort's wands don't work against each other in battle, and that whenever there is a meeting between Harry and his enemies, e.g Belletrix Lestrange and in the Graveyard in Goblet of Fire, Harry had none of his friends with him, so all of the Order of the Phoenix will probably be out of the action, so either Harry or Voldemort will have to kill the other in some way other than with wands. And let's not forget that Harry still has "Power the Dark Lord knows not".
  -By katiepeplow


I think in book 7 Harry will overcome Voldemort by showing him that he has "Power the Dark Lord knows not" and we all know that is love. Harry will prove his love for his parents (and Sirius). Harry will then kill Voldemort by stealing someone's wand (the wand will be Peter Pettigrew's) and then everyone in the Wizarding World can lead a happy life. I also think that Hermione will become the Minister for Magic.
  -By Hannah

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