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     If you have ever asked where the Golden Snitch came from, how the Bludgers came into existence, or why the Wigtown Wanderer's have pictures of meat cleavers on their robes, you need Quidditch Through the Ages.

*For more information on Quidditch, visit the Quidditch Section

*Click here to visit our page with information on all characters listed in Quidditch Through the Ages.


    A copy of Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them resides in almost every wizarding household in the country. Now, for a limited period only, Muggles too have the chance to discover where the Quintaped lives, what the Puffskein eats, and why it is best not to leave milk out for a Knarl.

*There are a total of 75 Fantastic Beasts

*For a complete list of magical creatures refer to our Creatures page.

*Click here to visit our page with information on all characters listed in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

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-Proceeds from these two books will go to the Harry's Books fund to help  children in the poorest countries in the world.

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Visit www.comicrelief.com/harrysbooks for more information.

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