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Custom Windows XP Personal Icons
    For those of you that have either Windows XP Home Edition, or Windows XP Professional Edition, you can use the following instructions to create your very own Harry Potter icon that is displayed by your name on the start menu when you log on!

1.) Right click on any of the pictures listed here or here and click "Save Picture As...". Then save that picture to anywhere on your computer, just make sure it's some place where it will not easily be deleted.
2.) Now click on Start, and then click on Control Panel.
3.) Click User Accounts
4.) Now click Change an account in the Pick a task list box.
5.) Choose the account that you want to change
6.) Now click on Change the/my picture and navigate to the folder that you saved the picture to in step 1.
7.) Tada! You now have a new personal icon! Click on Start again to check it out!

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