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Fan Potions

    Have you made up a special potion that does not currently exist in the Harry Potter world? What is the name of the potion and what main ingredients are in it? What does it do and why would it be a good potion to have?

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Fan Potions

Time Freezing Potion Used to freeze time on everyone and everything, however it leaves the maker of the potion unfrozen.
Main ingredients: Powdered dragon tails, sand from a time turner , water, crushed snake fangs, and moonstone.
  -Sent in Anonymously

Visionary Potion Enhances the drinker's vision. This potion is especially useful when you are in a dark area and cannot see very well.
Main Ingredients: Bat eyes, cat whiskers, draft of fluxweed.
  -Sent in by Daniel

Golienth Potion Gives the drinker supernatural strength and some immunity for a short period of time (approximately 15 minutes). This potion allows the drinker to punch their fist through a rock wall without injuring themselves.
Main Ingredients: Burnt troll boogers, troll blood, powdered dragon egg.
  -Sent in by Daniel

Polyex Potion This potion extends the effect of a regular Polyjuice potion for up to twelve hours.
Main Ingredients: Dragon eyes, dragon blood, and a Polyjuice potion.
  -Sent in by Daniel

Impervious Potion The effects of this potion are Immortality, unlimited health, you can take as many hits as are coming at you.
Long term effects: Extreme pain all the time and possibility of frequent mental break-downs.
Main Ingredients: unicorn blood, still-burning fire seed, the drinker's blood, enchant the potion with the cruciatus curse. User must then curse himself with impervious and never drink water again.
  -Sent in by Anonymous

Parseltongue Potion This potion lets you speak in parslytounge whenever you drink it; the effects last for 24 hrs. Only advanced wizard/witches should attempt this potion however because if you do not make the potion properly then you turn into a snake for the rest of the day.
Main Ingredients: Snake skin, water from a 100 year old magic lagoon, 3 snake tongues.
  -Sent in by Jenny

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