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Lily Potter, Petunia Dursley, and Narcissa Malfoy

Could they be sisters?
By April

    Hello everyone! This is my first editorial for TWWN so please feel free to e-mail me your thoughts at elf4life2003@yahoo.com.

    Anyway, enough about that; I have chosen a small debate to tackle this week. The spotlight is on Lily Potter, Petunia Dursley, and Narcissa Malfoy. “Could they be sisters?” is a question that has long been asked. In book 5 we learned a bit more about Narcissa and her background, which brought this theory up yet again. As we know, Lily and Petunia were sisters, and both of their first names are flowers. "Narcissa" means “flower”, and a Narcissi is a type of flower. There is only one letter difference between these two names. This could mean that these three characters are related, but before you make up your mind, let’s go a bit deeper.

    Narcissa was a Black, and Sirius’s cousin. The Blacks were a pure blood family. Sirius’s mother’s portrait shrieked out “mudbloods” and other things during OotP, therefore they truly are pure bloods. On the other hand, the Evans were not pure bloods. Lily and Petunia had muggle parents; their parents were said to have been “delighted” or something, at having a witch in the family. So the Blacks and Evans could not possibly be related…unless… one of Petunia and Lily’s parents or one of Narcissa’s parents played around while being married. I personally don’t think that JKR would do that. It would just make another soap opera book. The choice is yours to decide if you think that they really were sisters. I do not believe that they were sisters, but I do think that Narcissa will play a major role in one of the upcoming books (I know that you’ve heard many characters being predicted ‘major roles’, but hey! It could happen, right?).

    I do plan on writing another editorial on this topic, with more facts and references than here. Also, be looking for a Mark Evans editorial as well as something about the unfortunate ones who will die in book 6.

    Thanks for reading my first editorial and I do hope that you will come back to read more!

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