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An Extensive List of What's to Come and What Has Already Past
By Harleen

This set of theories is based on the Harry Potter Series through Book 5. There are spoilers if you haven’t finished reading the Order of the Phoenix. These theories are based on facts and unanswered questions arising from the books. While some of these are extrapolations and will likely not be the final outcome, I have tried to keep the ideas plausible and consistent with JK Rowling’s original works.

JK Rowling has maintained a complex over-arching plot and many subplots, so I decided to discuss ideas-predictions-theories into these topic lines.
While each book has it’s own progression, I believe the entire work will be the true Masterpiece following a hero’s journey and this belief has influenced the content of this article. Please enjoy these for what they are, and continue to develop your own ideas. Despite our proliferation of creative ideas, I have confidence that JK Rowling will still surprise us in the end.

Topic: Next DADA Teacher

Bill Weasley as a former Gringott’s Curse Breaker is very talented in this area. With Dumbledore away from the school more frequently, Harry needs someone from the Order to help that can be a closer confidant to him. Minerva and Severus are not the best communicators. Perhaps Bill and Fleur will be the first married professors that Harry meets – a segue to meeting the other Hogwarts spouses.

As the new DADA professor, Bill is capable of teaching a whole host of curse-breaking spells and bringing some diversity to the program (Egyptian magic seems exotic compared with Old European magic). Bill probably is also an accomplished Legimen/Occlumens to resist some of those exotic curses. He will teach Harry Occlumency, because Dumbledore will be needed nearly full time at the Ministry to clean up the mess left by Fudge. If he is accomplished at Legimens, he is not likely subject to Fleur’s veela charms, and loves her for who she is instead.

Other possible DADA candidates include Viktor, Remus or maybe even Tonks – although 1 year of auror experience is a stretch.

Topic: Romance

Harry and Cho: Harry is over Cho – she is a year older and continuing romance in this vein doesn’t further outcomes for Book 6. Harry-Cho is the Eros fling (right down to Cupid). Harry’s feeling in his stomach has changed – at the end of OoTP, the feeling is closer to "How did I ever go for that situation". There is disappointment, but no regret.

Harry and Ginny: No go. I think now more than ever there is a family relationship with the Weasley’s. Ginny has come into her own now that’s she’s over Harry and I don’t think that will be reversed. Ginny is a cool cousin Harry will trust and confide in.

Ron and Hermione: There is a clear attachment between Ron and Hermione, as shown with Ron’s jealous reactions. As insight, Ron is also tremendously jealous of sibling Ginny’s various romances. I think Ron and Hermione will date as a plot mis-direction, but eventually realize that it’s a sibling-type affection in the end (may take until Book 7). Ron will realize there’s no fireworks with Hermione - this is something Ron would expect. Afterwards, his cross-house relationship opportunities as prefect and/or DA are expanded…Susan Bones or Hannah Abbott are both recurring names as likely candidates. Or maybe Parvati – while her sister Padma is still mad at him, he may have a chance. JK generally has only given us names we need to know (e.g. who else will be a 6th year female Gryffindor?). I’m leaning Hannah – she’s smart, nice and a little goofy.

Harry and Hermione: The reality is that Hermione has been deeply in love with Harry since the beginning. She is a complex and sensitive character, and does not want to show her true affections. She works to help Harry out with Cho, because her love is for Harry’s good, not just personal gain. Harry-Hermione is the Agape or True Love. The potential triangle of Harry-Hermione-Ron parallels the James-Lily-Sirius story of the past – culminating in 7th year. Hermione’s namesake in A Winter’s Tale was a noble sort, who silently suffered for her true love. This seems symbolic of her silent love and her physical injury is a manifestation of the suffering. What was that spell she was hit with in the Department of Mysteries?

Cho and who? I think she eventually ends up with Roger Davies. Roger graduates after either in Book 5 or Book 6. Cho graduates in Book 6 and by forging a relationship with Roger, Cho can distance her love from ties to Cedric…something she can never escape from with Harry. She does hold deep admiration for Harry and that will continue. Probably this relationship is made to create a bit of love-tension with Hermione, as she has already displayed extensive jealousy of Miss Granger.

Neville and Ginny: Neville has been madly in love with Ginny since GOF; she continues to bring out his Gryffindor courage. While Ginny is playing the field (not just Quidditch), this relationship is continued. She knows Neville’s secret from St. Mungo’s and currently holds affection and a shared dangerous experience with him at the M.O.M. Neville will emerge from his fears and constrained memory, making him more attractive to Ginny and others – see more on Neville below.

Viktor: Viktor is a formidable love interest for Hermione, but will end up being pitted against Harry, not Ron. This will be a bit of irony, since Harry denied any interest in GOF. Seems like it is an appropriate time for Viktor to return to Hogwarts as the war begins.

Luna: Luna Lovegood is our woman of mystery. Her last name reinforces what side she will be on. She is a paradox – she is ethereal and not of this world (Luna=moon) and has a tendency to believe what others dismiss. She is also not accepted for being herself, and yet, she is very accepting of everyone else for who they are. Luna seeks a different kind of truth and will not be constrained to love just one person. However, she will be a tremendous source of wisdom to Harry. The truth is not always apparent.

Topic: Quidditch

At the end of Year 5, we have several new players for the Gryffindor team. Since they won the Quidditch Cup, these replacement members could feasibly stay on the team.

We know that Angelina and Alicia are graduating - Ginny will clearly replace one of them as Chaser, yielding Harry’s prime Seeker position to him. Katie Bell is probably returning, since she is not mentioned by Ginny in OoTP. This would mean Katie started playing the same year as Harry (her second year), emphasizing her talent more than previously explored. So there will be one to three slots to be filled on the team (the sorry Beaters may also throw in the towel). Dean still likes soccer too much (Such a Muggle-born!) and Parvati and Lavender don’t seem the athletic types. Most likely, Seamus will join the team – he’s a tough one, and thick-skinned.

Harry needs to be Quidditch Captain, as a senior team member and to make up for the prefect arrangement (Dumbledore can’t do it to him again). However, Katie did not get kicked off the team and she has equal experience so this is a toss-up. McGonagall will make the final choice. If Katie is Captain in Book 6, expect Ron to be Captain in Book 7. Remember, Ron’s greatest desire was to be Head Boy and Captain of the Quidditch team in the Mirror of Erised. Despite all odds, he’s on that path. Leave it to Jo to see that dream through.

In Book 7, the Quidditch World Cup will be scheduled for the following summer. Harry will make the England team immediately preceding his final showdown with Voldemort (carrying on Harry’s tendency for extreme emotional highs and lows). This sub-plot will need to be presented first as this would be anti-climatic with the final showdown. It is also possible that the World Cup will be cancelled for security reasons – but that would take all the fun out.

Topic: Neville’s Role

The Longbottoms and the Potters lives were heavily intertwined. Thus Harry and Neville have an as yet undisclosed relationship. In GOF, we found that memory charms can wear off when an individual shows the will to fight it. Neville will have sufficient ability to break down the charm applied when he was very young, and show increasing skill at wizardry. Ultimately, the related memory will be significant to the overall plot and will probably show the source of his and Harry’s ultimate power to conquer Voldemort. Perhaps they are both related to Godric Gryffindor, which made them both candidates for Voldemort.

The memory charm may have been placed by Neville’s Gran to protect him, and she has been trying to coax him to be strong and ready – as yet he has not met the challenge, but his actions at the Ministry may cause her to revisit her approach and quicken the revelation.

Alternatively, a Death Eater may be sustaining the charm/curse on Neville and his parents. We know that Professor Marchbanks is a frequent visitor to Neville’s house and Draco indicated that she was also ‘friends’ with Lucius. I like the Marchbanks character, but that potential connection does exist. Lucius, of course frequents St. Mungos where Frank and Alice reside. With him (temporarily) at Azkaban, is it possible that the Longbottoms rise out of their collective funk in time for the first battle? Is there a secret to the gum wrappers (maybe even messages)? These secrets have been percolating below the surface for a while, I believe they must emerge in Book 6.

Topic: Owl Results

Harry will obtain an O in Defense of the Dark Arts, but more importantly will score reasonably high on the Potions exam – Probably an E so that Snape is forced to take Harry into the NEWT class (and vice versa) to make up for the Occlumency bungle. That relationship must go on – if nothing – to sustain the suspense around Snape. Draco and Hermione will join him in this class. Harry will also score high on Transfiguration and Charms. Astronomy may have been passing, but definitely no OWLS in Divination or History of Magic. Based on McGonagall’s promise, Harry is destined to follow the aurorship path.

Neville will score high in Herbology, and even pass Potions. He may become an assistant to Professor Sprout on some special project (for the war?).

Hermione will have all OWLS and have to choose which courses to continue her study – which she will panic over at the beginning of Book 6.

All of the DA will have high scores in DADA OWLS (except maybe Hannah for the flamingo thing) and Harry will also get recognition from the recent graduates on their high NEWT scores. Harry is a viable candidate for DADA Professor, but not in Book 6. Plus this position would add to the burdens that Dumbledore is already lamenting.

Here’s a basic question – If professors can refuse students with low(er) OWL grades, what classes do they take instead. NEWT Potions will presumably eliminate 90% of students from further study. NEWT Transfiguration will eliminate 75% or so. What do those average students take who only achieve basic competency? What of those who only get 2 OWLS (What did Fred and George take?) – do they only have 2 classes? Or are there more teachers for the substandard students, where one still takes Potions but is not in a NEWT (Honors) class?

Topic: Grandparents and other family ties

What happened to Harry’s grandparents? Sirius and Lupin knew James parents. They may also know Aunt Petunia. Is Petunia a Muggle, a true Squib or minor witch who denied herself to fit in with the Muggle world (and Vernon).

Snape thought Lily was Muggle-born in Book 5, but that may have been a setup to protect her secret family relationships – some have guessed Salazar Slytherin, but to me it is more likely Rowena Ravenclaw. Petunia would have that same powerful and protective root, as well as having the blood of both mother and father of Lily. If Harry is the son of two houses, how better to challenge the Heir of Slytherin? Perhaps Neville is a variant of the same, further marking his importance - such that the blood of Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff (and maybe Slytherin) are reunited to defeat Voldemort. It seems like destiny for Book 7.

Harry has other family relationships that have yet been hidden to date. Dumbledore explicitly states that Voldemort should not suspect that he and Harry have ‘a relationship other than Headmaster – student’ – So what is that relationship? This must go beyond mere benefactor, solely based on the language Rowling used. Dumbledore has a clear connection with Godric Gryffindor – perhaps he is Harry’s Great Uncle (a few times distant) or even as a stretch, grandfather (Sirius may know this is a secret, which is why he did not share any family relationships other than his own). And does Minerva remind you of a crusty old grandma with a guarded secret?

Lily has red hair inclining some relationship with Mrs. Weasley (who purses her mouth in a Aunt Petunia manner when speaking to Sirius). Could Molly be Harry’s pure-blooded aunt (Lily’s half-sister?) or Lily’s best friend (soul sisters), but was not allowed to care for him for specific reasons – which she overcompensates for with her affection.

BTW – Did you know that the "Molly" Lily is an orange flower (Fleur!). Hmmm.

Topic: Umbridge

Umbridge will return. While in the last days of Voldemort’s original threat, Ministry members (e.g. Bartemius Crouch) often used the weapons of the enemy – but this was premature use for Delores without other incentive. She did transmit by touch Voldemort’s hatred mixed with her own. She used the Cruciatus Curse as well as general torture. She may not have been under direct control of the Dark Lord in Book 5, but she will return as such in Book 6. She has the traits and Harry has recognized innate evil in others before. And she lacks all semblance of the tools needed to fight Voldemort – She promotes hatred, disunity and falsehood.

Topic: Communicating with the Dead

We have several hints that communication with the dead is possible – voices from the curtain, and the presence of ghosts. Some photographs permit discussion with ‘reflections’ of the dead (e.g. former Headmasters). There may be other means as well – don’t rule Trelawney out – she may have one more good seer event left in her. Harry is hopeful about seeing Sirius, but may experience this connection with Lily or James just before his hour of need in Book 6 or 7. Lupin may facilitate this experience as being James last loyal friend. And Sirius is the ‘brightest star in the sky’, so there is hope for his character. Harry may not speak to him, but will gather strength via messages from beyond.

Topic: Percy

Having received a slap in the face with Voldemort destroying the Ministry atrium, Percy will reconsider his former position. He, after all, does not want to stick with a falling star (Cornelius Fudge). His relationship will remain frosty with his parents in Book 6, but pursuing his own family life with Penelope Clearwater (Weasley) will cause him to realign his priorities for good. Despite his foolishness, he will end up as the keeper of the Grail (goodness will ultimately defeat evil and Percy will be a cornerstone in that battle) as his name implies. Maybe the Goblet of Fire has other properties that will echo the Grail story. And another question is whether Penelope is the ‘Dark Lady’ for a ‘Dark Lord’ as her name implies – the temptress that is almost the undoing of Percy.

Topic: Weasleys

The Weasleys typify familial or Storgé (Greek) love for Harry. Ron is Harry’s brother and friend (both Storgé and Philia), but has not yet matured into a true agape relationship… he still makes selfish demands of Harry.

To date, most of the Weasley’s have shown a type of emotional or physical sacrifice for Harry. Ron has suffered physical pain, emotional separation and shown brotherly devotion for Harry in the face of danger. Arthur suffered a snake attack. Molly experienced the pain of Harry’s death commensurate with her own family (boggart in OoTP). Ginny suffered possession on Voldemort in Book Two, and a broken ankle in Book 5 – not to mention the terrifying Death Eater experience. The twins are also known to help Harry for apparent sacrifice – diverting Umbridge, getting kicked off the Quidditch team and pre-empting an expulsion from Hogwarts with a pretty glorious exit. However, to date these acts have been consistent with their own desires.

Relationships and loyalty have yet to be demonstrated by Bill, Charlie and Percy (who has a lot of redeeming to do). Bill will become Harry’s mentor and open the door to new powers in the 6th year. Percy’s likely redemption has also been discussed. He will eventually come to his senses. Charlie is the most likely candidate to die (first). But he will have a chance to talk with Harry prior and share his true loyalty not only to Dumbledore, but Harry himself.

The twins will also revisit their loyalty to Harry in a more altruistic fashion than their obligatory thanks to him for personal wealth. Harry will visit the store in Diagon Alley where there will be a hint of preparation for ‘war toys’. Their ingenuity is valued far more than mere prankster ability. Portable (30’ deep) Swamps strategically located could be extremely useful against giants. ‘Disarming’ fireworks and headless hats are likely precursors to unconventional explosives and camouflage.

Topic: War

How are the sides taken? Dumbledore has given several clues. Whoever shows unity and love must be against Voldemort. To ultimately defeat Voldemort, Harry, Hermione, and Ron must forge a true and inclusive alliance. These three must shed any existing prejudices that prevent that unity from developing. This means that at least one person from Slytherin must be compelled to join Harry among the students.

The twins and Oliver Wood, perhaps Angelina (Angel) will also bring their specific talents and noble intentions to the fray.

Where it Starts: The War will most likely start with news of battles in Eastern Europe - Voldemort’s favored hangout. Durmstrang is also a potential stronghold for his followers, which also lies in this same region. I think this is how Viktor will be re-introduced to the story. Perhaps he will flee from Voldemort influence in this region – but also his arrival creates some doubts in Ron and Harry about his true intentions. Hermione will be true to his friendship.

In addition, Charlie Weasley remains in Romania training dragons. As such, Charlie will likely be on the front lines with these noble beasts (Hagrid is right on this account) taking on the Death Eaters and Grawp’s former tribe of giants. Grawp will have mastered more English and can help with logistics for this battle.

Dementors: The first battle close to Hogwarts will be an invasion by the dementors. They know the territory, having been deployed there in Book 3. They will arrive in force when Dumbledore is at the Ministry or on War duty. The DA – now a body of students proficient at casting Patroni along with professorial support will successfully defend the school grounds. The means of entry (a previously unidentified path) will be blocked to prevent subsequent attack.

Goblins: The goblins pose a tricky question – they hate weak humans, associate with ambitious ones, and control the economic strata for the wizarding world in Gringott’s. Bill may stop a plot to take over commerce during the summer after Book 5 and provide a reason for him to take refuge at Hogwarts. Alternatively, we only know goblins through words of others and have not seen their true character. Maybe when treated equally by the New Ministry, they will show instinctive honor.

House Elves: Battles close to home must invoke the loyal and powerful house elves. The Hogwarts troop is large and loyal to Dumbledore. Dobby is still looking for his place in the world – but it is probably not in leading the elves. More likely, the leader will be a person more powerful, but emotionally aligned with the elves – Professor Flitwick – also very loyal, humble, and skillful. Perhaps the Creeveys are the Sergeants for Flitwick’s Army.

Centaurs: Centaurs are the classic Swiss element. They align with no one. But they have already shown that they are ill-prepared to truly love. Firenze will be able to share a few advanced warnings and will represent the Enlightened of his species. But the Centaurs may also be corrupted – one such as Bane is likely to also be outcast for his anger or mutiny.

Squibs: These folks are ignored or held in disdain by the Ministry, as seen by the treatment of Mrs. Figg at the Expulsion ‘Trial’. The power of love and acceptance may allow those of ‘questionable’ blood to realize their strength. Filch may even be able break free of his hatred and spread his devotion beyond Mrs. Norris (Despite his many disgusting flaws, he does have an object of love).

Peter Pettigrew: Wormtail is not done despite his absence in OoTP. He has a remaining obligation to Harry, despite his deviousness. In fact, Voldemort will ultimately kill Peter for his wavering, not any of the Order. Perhaps a vision of James will make him aware of the cause of his self-torment and make him hesitate in a crucial moment – saving Harry’s (or Ron’s) life.

Romulus Lupin: Wherever there is a Remus, we need to look for his twin brother. The one who in Roman tradition is also raised by wolves, grows up to kill his brother and subsequently lives in glory. Supposedly, Romulus and Remus work to prepare a city, but Remus laughs at his brother’s efforts. In a moment of anger, Romulus kills him. Is there a parallel for some accidental death of Remus Lupin?

Spies/Moles to watch for which side:
The following have some element of suspicion and may in fact be subject to the highest bidder:

Viktor, Fleur, Grawp, Snape, Mundungus Fletcher, Prof. Sinestra (sinister), Karkaroff, Penelope Clearwater, Winky, Kreatcher, Phineas, Filch.

Ludo "the Bagman" (as in slang for drug pusher) will likely be used to convey secrets/messages or contriband.

Topic: Ministry of Magic (M.O.M.)

Cornelius Fudge, as a corrupt and foolish Minister, cannot continue presiding over the new world. Umbridges atrocities will come to light and the European Wizards will call for his immediate replacement.

Dumbledore will strongly influence the choice of the replacement, but with resumption of his other duties and rebuilding the justice system will not be the new Minister. He will , however, be away from Hogwarts frequently, minimizing his access to Harry yet again.

So who will be the new Minister? I believe the election will have Arthur Weasley run against the sympathy candidate of Amos Diggory. Amos’ ambition will be conflicted with his true desire to defeat Voldemort. Arthur will prevail but provide a key slot for Amos in the M.O.M.

We will learn why the Muggle Ministry connection with M.O.M. is well-known in MI5 circles, but not by the general public. Warnings will be provided to the Muggle world in a language they will understand. Ultimately, will the truth about the wizarding world be revealed or remain concealed? Whichever path, it will be for the greater good.

Mysteries of Death: This area will be investigated further either by explanation or another visit (in the cleanup effort)– too many new questions were raised, and recursive hints alluded. Harry must work through his pain over the death of Sirius and isolation form his close friends. This is a good location to start.

Topic: Snape’s Redemption or Fall

If Snape is to remain on ‘the good side’, he must resolve his relationship with Harry. His hatred seems to be sustained by this relationship. Snape must learn to love others and most importantly himself. He will have difficulty doing this solely by interaction with Harry, thus someone must be introduced to facilitate the transformation. And, at any point the redemption could fail – and Snape returns to the Dark Lord.

Who could facilitate the love? His mother? A soul mate? or a true confident. The latter is least likely because of his pride – he would reject Remus or others. Of course, Dumbledore may already carry this role – but not very effectively. And Snape’s mother may be dead or as evil as Sirius’ mother. They are of the same dark wizarding families. Could Tonks catch him in a moment of loneliness or could a Hermione potion be inadvertently administered to Snape’s pumpkin juice? I believe love is his only hope. We have already started with a sympathetic moment or two.

Topic: Dumbledore’s Destiny

If Dumbledore’s strength comes from the power of the phoenix, Harry must also draw from this same power – doesn’t Dumbledore’s very existence affect Harry’s chances to defeat Voldemort?

Dumbledore presents two limitations on Harry:

Harry relies on and desires Dumbledore’s presence at Hogwarts and with him. A protector keeps Harry dependent.

The supreme wizard power can only be manifested in one; Harry needs to pursue greatness.

Dumbledore said he would tell Harry everything – and yet there are so many questions unanswered. Perhaps this is the last time we shall hear Dumbledore speak of the past. Harry will be left to get his answers elsewhere – from Remus and Molly, most likely. Dumbledore will focus his exchanges with Harry on the present and future.

Just prior to the final battle, Dumbledore will reveal his relationship to Harry and sacrifice himself to transfer his supreme powers.

Topic: Professions

The source of Potter’s wealth has not been shared. Inherited wealth is mentioned – but we don’t know how proportionate this is to the entire Potter fortune. Ministry officials are not known to make much money and even though Aurors have greater risk, this is an unlikely source of great income.

There are two jobs which could earn wizarding wealth that we know about - Curse Breakers with treasure recovery and Quiddich professional players.

For James, these both would be more fun than work. James was a Chaser at Hogwarts. He may have wanted to pursue being a Seeker and actually won a spot on a professional team. Thus his fascination with the Snitch.

Some believe that James wealth stems from the invention/discovery of the golden snitch in Godric’s Hollow. But he and Lily were placed in Godric’s Hollow by the Secret Keeper. This wasn’t necessarily their permanent home.

I think the Potters were Curse-breakers like Bill before the prophecy was made. They discovered something in their work that caused the denial of the Dark Lord’s demands. Bill is the key to revealing this information.

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