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Eleven years old Daniel Radcliffe is living a young actor's dream- playing Harry Potter in the upcoming film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. When he's not acting, he's a fan of the Fulham Football Club and Formula One Racing. Daniel answered questions about the world of Harry Potter and the new movie.

Q: Were you a fan of the Harry Potter books before you got the part?

A: I had read the first two, but at that stage in my life, I didn't really like reading. Then after I got the part I read all four of the books back to back. I even read the second twice because that is my favorite, and they helped me to branch off onto other books like stepping-stones. I am quite a big reader now.

Q: Harry Potter is a worldwide phenomenon. Why do you think it is such a huge success with adults and children?

A: Because it is such an original idea. And it's never been done before, I think. And it's magic...and just the ideas that JK Rowling came up with are amazing.

Q: Other than magic, what makes the character of Harry so endearing to the world?

A: The character of Harry jumps off the page at you. And he's so real... I can think of a few boys like him. People can relate to him in whichever way because there’s so many elements to Harry that make him so likeable.

Q: How do you think you are like Harry?

A: I think I'm very determined. I think I am also loyal, and think that if some of my friends got in to trouble I'd stand up for them.

Q: Why do you think people will want to see the film version?

A: I think that anybody who has read the books will want to see if the film is how they've imagine it to be and if all the character and their personalities are how they imagined it. And the movie is so true to the books and the story, I think they will be very surprised and happy.

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