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Professional Quidditch Teams

Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland

-Appleby Arrows
    Robes: Pale Blue, emblazoned with a silver arrow.
    Information: Was founded in 1612, and their is fierce rivalry
    between the Appleby Arrows and the Wimbourne Wasps.
-Ballycastle Bats
    Robes: Black, with a scarlet bat across the chest
    Information: Has won the Quidditch League 27 times, their
    mascot is Barny the Fruitbat.
-Caerphilly Catapults
    Robes: Vertically striped with light green and scarlet colors
    Information: The Welsh Catapults were formed in 1402
-Chudley Cannons
    Robes: Bright Orange, emblazoned with a speeding cannon ball
    and a double "C" in black.
    Information: have won the Quidditch League
    21 times, the last time they won it was in 1892, club motto is
    "Let's all just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best."
-Falmouth Falcons
    Robes:  Dark-gray and white with a falcon-head emblem across
    the chest.
    Information: They are known for hard play, club motto is
    "Let us win, but if we cannot win, let us break a few heads."
-Holyhead Harpies
    Robes: Dark green with a golden talon upon the chest
    Information: Founded in 1203, only hires witches
-Kenmare Kestrels
    Robes: Emerald-green with two yellow "K"s back to back on the
    Information: Founded in 1291, their mascot is the leprechaun
-Montrose Magpies
    Robes: Black and white with one magpie on the chest and back.
    Information: Have won the Quidditch League 32 times
-Pride of Portree
    Robes: Deep-purple with a gold star on the chest
    Information: Were founded in 1292
-Puddlemere United
    Robes: Navy-blue with the club emblem of two crossed golden
    Information: Were founded in 1163 (oldest team in the league), 
    has won the Quidditch League 22 times
-Tutshill Tornados
    Robes: Sky-blue with a double "T" in dark blue on the chest and
    Information: Founded in 1520, once won the League Cup 5
    times in a row.
-Wigtown Wanderers
    Robes: Blood-red with a silver meat cleaver upon the chest
    Information: Club was founded in 1422
-Wimbourne Wasps
    Robes: Horizontally striped robes of yellow and black with a wasp
    upon their chests.
    Information: Founded in 1312, have won the League 18 times,
    Wasp fans ("Stingers") traditionally buzz loudly to distract
    opposing Chasers when they are taking penalties.

Quidditch Teams of Europe
-Bulgaria: Vratsa Vultures
    Information: Have won the European Cup 7 times

-France: Quiberon Quafflepunchers
    Information: Have shocking pink robes

-Germany: Heidelberg Harriers
    Information: Irish Captain once said that they were, "fiercer than
    a dragon and twice as clever."

-Luxembourg: Bigonville Bombers
    Information: Celebrated for their offensive strategies

-Portugal: Braga Broomfleet
    Information: Have recently had a ground breaking Beater-
    marketing system

-Poland: Grodzisk Goblins
    Information: Gave us the world most innovative Seeker, Joseph

Australia and New Zealand Quidditch Teams
-New Zealand: Moutahora Macaws
    Information: Have robes of red, yellow, and blue robes, their
    mascot is a phoenix names Sparky 

-Australia: Thundelarra Thunderers
    Information: One of two teams that has dominated the
    Australian League for almost a century.

-Australia: Woollongong Wariors
    Information: One of two teams that has dominated the
    Australian League for almost a century.

QuidditchTeams of Africa
-Uganda: Patonga Proundsticks
    Information: Uganda's most notable Quidditch team

-Togo: Tchamba Charmers
    Information: Masters of the reverse pass

-Ethiopia: Gimbi Giant-Slayers
    Information: Twice winners of the All-Africa Cup

-Tanzania: Sumbawanga Sunrays
    Information: Highly popular team whose formation looping has
    delighted crowds across the world.

Quidditch Teams of North America
-Moose Jaw Meteorites
    Information: 1 of three very accomplished Quidditch teams, was
    threatened with disbandment in the 1970s due to their habit of
    performing post-match victory flights in which they would fly over
    towns with their broom tails trailing sparks.

-Haileybury Hammers
    Information: 1 of three very accomplished Quidditch teams

-Stonewall Stormers
    Information: 1 of three very accomplished Quidditch teams

    United States
    -Texas: Sweetwater All-Stars
        Information: Have recently broken through at international level

    -Massachusetts: Fitchburg Finches
        Information: Have won the U.S. League 7 times

Quidditch Teams of South America
-Peru: Tarapoto Tree-Skimmers
    Information: Peru's most famous Quidditch team

Quidditch Teams of Asia
-Japan: Toyohashi Tengu
    Information: Japan's most successful Quidditch team

-Lithuania: Gorodok Gargoyles
    Information: Beat Toyohashi Tengu, in a match in 1994

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