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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Fan Quiz 2

1. Who was the referee for Gryffindors Quidditch match against

    a) Madam Hooch
    b) Professor McGonagall
    c) Professor Quirrell
    d) Professor Snape

2. When Harry, Ron, and Hermione were taking Norbert to the
    tallest tower, they had to wait because peeves was playing a
    game in the entrance hall against the wall. What game was he

    a) Catch
    b) Squash
    c) Tennis
    d) Football

3. For the charms practical exam Professor Flitwick wanted
    students to make a pineapple do what?

    a) Tap dance
    b) Levitate
    c) Spin
    d) Run

4. When Harry visited Hagrid in his hut to Quiz him about the man
    he got the dragon off, what did he sit down next to a bowl of?

    a) Beans
    b) Spaghetti
    c) Custard
    d) Peas

5. After deciding that Hermione should wait outside the staff room
    and follow Snape to find out what heís up to, she asks why her.
    Ronís says because she can pretend to be waiting for Professor
    Flitwick because she is worried that she got what question
    wrong in her exam?

    a) Fourteen a
    b) Fourteen b
    c) Fourteen c
    d) Fourteen d

6. When Harry told Ron and Hermione that he was going to get the
    philosophers stone first before Snape what did Ron call him?

    a) Crazy
    b) Stupid
    c) Mad
    d) Insane

7. What percentage did Professor Flitwick tell Hermione she had
    got on her exam?

    a) 102%
    b) 112%
    c) 122%
    d) 132%

8. As Harry, Ron and Hermione were about to leave the common
    room to go and get the stone what did Harry look at by the

    a) A grandfather clock
    b) The fireplace
    c) A picture on the wall
    d) Crookshanks 

9. To get into the last chamber what colour were the flames that
    Harry had to walk through?

    a) Red
    b) Green
    c) Blue
    d) Black

10. When Dumbledore took a Bertie Botts Every Flavour bean
    from the packet what flavour did he say he would be safe to eat?

    a) Earwax
    b) Toffee
    c) Chocolate
    d) Vomit

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