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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Fan Quiz 1

1. In Privet drive Professor McGonagall made Dumbledore blush.
    The last time he had blushed before then was when Madam
    Pomfrey told him she liked his what?

    a) Beard
    b) Mittens
    c) Earmuffs
    d) Hat

2. When Hagrid was bringing Harry to the Dursley’s he fell asleep.
    Where were they flying over when he fell asleep?

    a) Birmingham
    b) Bristol
    c) Newcastle
    d) London

3. What song was uncle Vernon humming as he was nailing and
    boarding up the cracks around the front and back doors of their

    a) Tap dance through the tulips
    b) Tap dance through the daises
    c) Tip toe through the tulips
    d) Tip toe through the daises

4. On the morning of Harry’s birthday him and Hagrid were waken
    by an owl delivering a paper. How much did Hagrid tell Harry to
    pay the owl?

    a) 5 Knuts
    b) 5 Sickles
    c) 5 Galleons
    d) 5 Dollars

5. At what time did the Hogwarts express leave platform 9 3/4?
    a) 8am
    b) 9am
    c) 10am
    d) 11am

6. After the sorting Hermione was talking to Percy about
    transfiguration, he was telling her about the sort of
things you
    transfigure when you first start. What was the example he gave?

    a) Turning matches into needles
    b) Turning animals into goblets
    c) Turning pencils into feathers
    d) Turning water into wine

7. At what time did Harry, Ron, and Hermione hurry down the
    front steps into the grounds for their first flying lesson?

    a) 1:30pm
    b) 2:30pm
    c) 3:30pm
    d) 4:30pm

8. What type of owls delivered Harry’s Nimbus Two Thousand?
    a) Snowy owls
    b) Screech owls
    c) Tawny owls
    d) Barn owls 

9. In the first Quidditch match of the season which house scored first?
    a) Hufflepuff
    b) Gryffindor
    c) Ravenclaw
    d) Slytherin

10. When Percy bit into some of his Christmas pudding which coin
    did he nearly break his tooth on?

    a) Sickle
    b) Knut
    c) Galleon
    d) Dollar

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