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MSN Messenger Backgrounds

    For those of you that use MSN Messenger, these Contact Backgrounds are used to show a picture/background in the area where your list of 'Contacts' and 'Who's online' is displayed. Please note that you will need MSN version 6.0 or higher to use the following.
    To use one of the backgrounds first click on the picture of your choice. When that picture loads, right click on the picture and click "Save Picture as...". Once you have saved the picture to your computer, navigate to the 'MSN Messenger' folder (usually under: C:/Program Files/MSN Messenger). Once you have opened the 'MSN Folder' you should see a .gif picture named 'LVBACK'. Delete this file. Now cut and past the background you just "Saved Picture as..." into the 'MSN Messenger' folder. Now rename this background to: LVBACK. And your done! Log into MSN Messenger, and you should notice the contact list now has a background.
    If you would like to submit a Contact Background please contact Erick.

LVBACK.GIF (14018 bytes)  LVBACK_Draco.gif (20485 bytes)  LVBACK_Ginny.gif (27515 bytes)
Created By: Daniel     Created By Aaron     Created By Aaron

LVBACK_Harry.gif (28369 bytes)  LVBACK_Hermione.GIF (28423 bytes)  LVBACK_Ron.gif (27167 bytes)
 Created By Aaron     Created By Aaron     Created By Aaron

LVBACK_Harry2.gif (19842 bytes)  LVBACK_Hermione2.gif (19153 bytes)  LVBACK_Ron2.gif (19875 bytes)
 Created By Armalene   Created By Armalene   Created By Armalene

LVBACK_Dumbledore.gif (37597 bytes)
Created By Armalene

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