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The Ministry of Magic

And Its New Minister
By Harleen

    Well now, of course, everyone's wondering who's going to be the next Minister of Magic since JKR confirmed that there will be a new one. Fudge, obviously, can't possibly remain as Minister now because not only has he lost the confidence of the wizarding community but well, now everyone sees what a clinker he is.

    But who will it be? I don't think Dumbledore would accept it if it was offered. He turned it down once and he is busy enough at Hogwarts. Besides, I think he will be giving Harry private lessons in something in book 6/7 - maybe Occlumency if Snape won't do it, or maybe some other advanced magic outside the normal curriculum. I don't think that Dumbledore would accept as he already has far too much to contend with in Hogwarts and with the order. I think Arthur Weasley would be perfect, and think that a lot of the higher ups will be forced to resign. I am one of the people who believe Arthur Weasley will eventually be Minister of Magic... and I've got a little bit of evidence to back that up.

1. I think Fudge will be forced to resign. He's made a couple tiny blunders (heavy sarcasm here), like letting Voldemort have time to get some power.

2. We've learned that Ron's jokes should be taken seriously (but don't ever assume that his real theories are true, as he's almost always wrong)... Ron makes a joke that "dad as about as much chance of becoming minister of magic as" something happening (I forgot what the something was). I do know, though, that the something happened. So, following the rule that has so far been a good rule to follow in coming up with theories, that Ron's jokes should be taken seriously, I think Arthur will become minister of magic.

3. While he doesn't have much respect with the higher-ups, the higher-ups will (I believe) be forced to resign, or they (like Lucius Malfoy) are in Azkaban. Arthur has the respect of most everybody he meets, though, because he's very fair. When he and Harry are at the Ministry, he would stop to talk to people, or people would stop to talk to him, so he's well-known and respected.

    If the new Minister of Magic is chosen by the other people working in the Ministry, I think Arthur will stand a good chance of getting it...

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