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By Amanda

    I've been skimming through my facts and any library OotP, seeing as mine is packed away because my folks and I are moving next month, and I have found that the kid Dudley beats up in the beginning of the book might have a relation with Lilly or Petunia seeing as he is an Evans. It of course is not possible for him to be Lilly's child or he would be older. He couldn't be Petunia's either because he would be older or, Vernon would notice. They could have an unknown relation though, which is where I place Severus Snape in this article. If you rearrange his name it spells persues evans. Persues is not correct though because it would be pursues evans in stead but it is a very good anagram. So I think either Snape is related to Lily and changed his name because he wanted to join Voldemort and would be able to if he was muggle born and had a son at age 25 or, this name is just a coincidence. I don't know but I could be on to something for future books. I have reason to believe now that Mark is ten so we might see him at Hogwarts in book six. I am going to skim through all of the books to see if I can find any anagrams but it might have to wait seeing as I said in the beginning of this article I am moving.

   I will also touch on the appearance of Ginny and Neville's growing magical strength. Ginny is becoming quite the witch now and she isn't that little girl who goes red and ducks under a table when Harry is around anymore. She is just one of the group like Ron and Hermione. She showed lots of bravery in the 5th book by standing up to the deranged Professor Umbridge and Malfoy. She showed power by joining Harry in fighting death eaters. Neville was so amazing in the 5th book that it made me admire his daring all the more! Neville's determination to get back at the death eaters that tortured his parents some how gave him renewed power. I loved this about Neville. He was so brave that he took the cruciatus curse just because he was trying to help his friends. He ends up breaking his FATHER'S wand. I remember something in the books that wands  don't work properly if they don't have the right owner. This could be why Neville stunk at wand work all the time.

    I think with a new wand that Neville will have new strength. I think this because his gran had mentioned that his parents were exceptionally powerful. We'll have to see what happens...

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