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Miscellaneous Characters

NAME: Richard Griffiths
ROLE: Vernon Dursley

NAME: Fiona Shaw
ROLE: Petunia Dursley

NAME: Harry Melling
ROLE: Dudley Dursley

NAME: Mark Willams
ROLE: Arthur Weasley

NAME: Julie Walters
ROLE: Molly Weasley
Did You Know? Profile

NAME: Robert Hardy
ROLE: Cornelius Fudge

NAME: Jaason Isaacs
ROLE: Lucius Malfoy
Did You Know? Profile

NAME: Christian Coulson
ROLE: Tom Riddle

NAME: Shirley Henderson
ROLE: Moaning Myrtle

NAME: Julian Glover
ROLE: Voice of Aragog

NAME: UNKNOWN (Robbie Coltrane???)
ROLE: Young Hagrid

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