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Locations of Cards and Pumpkin Pasties

Scroll down to find the list of Cards and their locations

    There are about 11 pumpkin pasties scattered around Hogwarts. The silver tray in your inventory holds Pumpkin Pasties.

-Get three Pumpkin Pasties and your silver tray will be emptied and you will get one more Energy Bolt added to your maximum amount. It's definitely worth it!

Here are the locations of the Pumpkin Pasties:


1. In the northern part of the Dungeons, on the way to Snape's class.

Near the save point.


2. Hermione gives you one (when teaching Alohomora) if you get all of her three wand movements right.


3. When you finally get outside there is a secret garden located just to

the right of the greenhouses. Go to the very first tree, the bottom of

the tree is against the bottom of the screen, just walk from the top of

the tree down to the tree trunk (you'll be hidden behind it), you get a

pumpkin pasty for killing everything in there, and a few easy to get

Bertie Botts beans...


4. After you go to the trophy room for your fight with Malfoy you'll

pass a pressure plate on the 7th floor, this opens up a door to the

observatory on the 7th floor almost directly above the pressure plate

and about a screen to the right... you get another pumpkin pasty for



5. On Floor 5 the first night there's a pressure plate you need to hit

to be able to cross the pit, the next day there is a stepping stone just

a little to the left & straight up from there...this pressure plate

makes 3 more pressure plates appear that will open up the mop closet in

the upper right hand corner of the room... the 3 plates are on either

side of the book case on the bottom left of this level, and to the left

of the mop closet door. Inside you find a pumpkin pasty.


6. After you've collected the Flobberworms, Greenhouse #6 becomes open

for you. Go inside and get it, watch out for teachers and Prefects.


7. After you are given the quest to get the Wiggentree bark, there is

another Pumpkin Pasty sitting in the Gryffindor bedroom.


8. On the night you have the dual with Malfoy, when you're on Floor 7

looking for the staircase to go down to the 6th floor you notice that

there's a door there that's locked. If you keep on exploring Floor 7

there's a Flipendo switch in one of the nooks that opens this door. Make

your way back to the door and go inside. It'll lead you to a

balcony/observatory where there are a bunch of telescopes on the top

left corner there's a pumpkin pasty waiting for you.


9. Start from Hagrid's Hut, go down, right, then down again to the place

where there's two gnomes and thorny bushes. Knock out the gnomes. To the

left of the thorny bushes, you will see a small patch of dirt going in

the trees. Follow it (you will go in the trees) and it will lead to a

treasure chest. Inside it is the pumpkin pasty!


10. When you meet Hermione to get the Flamel book go to the doorway of the library, where Hermione is standing, DO NOT go inside yet, check the bookshelf to the left of the doorway. You've found a Pumpkin Pastie!


11. Start from the bookcase where you found the Flamel book. Walk just a pew passes to the right, immediately go up into the short hallway and search the bookcase in front of you. Their should be a Pumpkin Pastie here!  



    Here are the lists of the cards and their locations. First row is the

top row, and the cards are listed from left to right.



 First Row

 Merlin (Medieval - Dates Unknown)  

 Cornelius Agrippa (1486 - 1535)

 Derwent Shimpling (1912 - Present)

 Morgan Le Fay (Medieval - Dates Unknown)


Second Row

 Newt Scamander (1897 - Present)

 Bowman Wright (1492 - 1560)

 Godric Gryffindor (Medieval - Dates Unknown)

 Edgar Stroulger (1703 - 1798)


Third Row

 Salazar Slytherin (Medieval - Dates Unknown)

 Ignatia Wildsmith (1227 - 1320)

 Bertie Bott (1935 - Present)

 Helga Hufflepuff (Medieval - Dates Unknown)


Fourth Row

 Rowena Ravenclaw (Medieval - Dates Unknown)

 Hengist of Woodcroft (Medieval - Dates Unknown)

 Albus Dumbledore (???? - Present)

 Harry Potter (???)



Merlin : At the top of the Great Hall.


Cornelius Agrippa : In a secret room hidden by a mirror to the left of

Charms classroom on Floor 2. You need Alohomora to open the mirror and



Derwent Shimpling : The hardest one to get. You will need Alohomora,

Avifors and Wingardium Leviosa. After completing the Wingardium Leviosa

challenge, go down to the Entrance and into the Dungeons. Then enter the

Potions classroom, which will be open all the time now. In front of the

cauldron full of Wiggenweld Potion are a few bookcases - one of them is

a secret doorway which slides open to reveal a secret room. Enter it,

and use Avifors and Wingardium Leviosa at the proper times to find your

way to the end of the room. At the end, in a small room, is the card in

a locked trunk.


Morgan Le Fay : In the castle gardens, on the way to Hagrid's Hut. To 

find it, start from Hagrid's Hut, go down, right and down immediately

again. You will come to a dead-end, and two thornbushes in a bush. Blast

away one of them, and go through to find a small enclosure with the



Newt Scamander : Found in a berry bush in the Hagrid's garden to find

Dittany. You can find the bush on the way to find the last Puffapod.


Bowman Wright : In a corner on Floor 6. Best gotten after you've escaped

Snape back to the Common Room, when you then have to go to Greenhouse 1.


Godric Gryffindor : After you cross the first moving platform when

escaping Snape in the darkened room, go to the left and you will see a

trunk containing a Chocolate Frog containing this card.


Edgar Stroulger : When you enter the library to search for the Nicolas

Flamel book, go to the left and upwards (do so preferably in the dark).

When you can't go left and upwards anymore, there's a bookcase in the

area which, when searched, slides away to reveal a hidden doorway. Go

through and to the left to find a hole in the wall. First cast Avifors

on the stone bird on a pressure plate in a corner on the left of the

hole, then enter the hole and you'll be in a secret room. There's an

open door to the right, and it leads to a place with the card!


Helga Hufflepuff : Can be located in a trunk while on the way to finding

the Mirror of Erised. It's on a platform with two cracks, in the middle

of the large chasm.


Salazar Slytherin : Found inside an enclosure closed off with statues.

Use Avifors on the statues and enter the enclosure to find the card.


Ignatia Wildsmith : At the part when you fight the troll in the girls'

bathroom, fall down one of the small holes into a dungeon. Instead of

going back up to the bathroom via a door to the left, or to the right

through another doorway, push a barrel out of the way with Flipendo and

you will come to an area with two gnomes and a trunk with the card.


Bertie Bott : Found in the room on the way to escaping Snape's

storeroom. Exact location is hard to pinpoint, so refer to the



Rowena Ravenclaw : Found in the Flobberworm Garden, VERY well hidden. Go as north as you can, across a small chasm with two moving platforms and

you will reach a place with two Flipendo blocks and a row of berry

bushes. Push the Flipendo block in front into the hole between the

bushes, cross and keep going forward until you find a path heading left

with poisonous mushroom patches. Go along that path and you will reach a

seemingly dead-end. But there's a little patch of dirt leading into the

trees on the left - that's an entrance into the trees. Go inside and

find a way to another area, where there is a berry bush with the card.


Hengist of Woodcroft : Found next to a Devil's Snare plant. Pretty easy

to spot.


Albus Dumbledore : Located in the Forbidden Corridor, at the end of a

narrow path across a chasm.





Harry Potter : Ron gives this to you at the end of the game.

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