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Katie's Shorties
By Katie Porter

Gertrude's Folly  |  Gertrude and the Evil Shoes  |  Esther's Heartache

It was the first day of August, and surprisingly damp and chilly. Gertrude was 10 and 1/2, and was heading to Hogwarts at the end of the month. She was home alone for a few hours while her mother went to visit Gertrude's grandmother. Gertrude had bought all of her supplies the day before, so she decided to look through them a bit before school started.

She went into the large stone den, where she wrapped herself in a blanket and sat in a chair in front of the fireplace. She started flipping through her spell books and found a spell that would create fire. She tried this spell and found that it worked! Suddenly, an owl swooped through the window with a letter addressed to her, from the Ministry of Magic.

Terrified, Gertrude opened the letter. It was a warning about the illegal use of magic! Not thinking, Gertrude used magic to light the letter on fire. About 30 seconds later, Gertrude heard a loud knocking on the door. "Oh, WHY did I have to light the letter on fire?" she asked herself. She peeked out the window and saw Ministry officials. She immediately placed some locking charms from her book on the door.

As she went, more and more Ministry officials arrived on her front porch. Just as her mother arrived home, the Ministry officials burst through the front door.
"Gertrude, what's going on?"
"Ma'am, your daughter has broken the law against underage wizardry 27 times this afternoon."

The man turned to Gertrude.
"This is for you," he said, handing her a letter from Hogwarts. She was expelled.
"Now, if you'd please hand over your wand?"
The man snapped her wand in half. Thus ended the witchcraft of Gertrude.


As we all know, Gertrude is no normal girl. So it should come as no surprise that when Gertrude started to go through puberty, other things started to change as well. Most young witches and wizards have wands and magic classes to relieve themselves of magical buildup; however, Gertrude doesn't have these.

Because Gertrude wasn't allowed to do magic, she had to go to a muggle high school. Unfortunately for young Gertrude, her mother made her join the marching band. Gertrude hated it! Her first problem with it was the uniform; it was extremely itchy, and it clashed with the orangy color of her hair. The other problem was...the shoes. It wasn't that they were uncomfortable, because they were far from it. In fact, it was the fact that they were ugly.

One day, after a taxing rehearsal, Gertrude came home to find that her mother was out. This filled her little heart with joy, because she could finally get out of marching band! Yay! So, she quickly typed a letter to her mother from the school, saying that Gertrude should take an extra foreign language course (she loved languages) if she wanted to be an international diplomat, rather than marching band. Then, she sent a letter to the school from her mother informing them of her decision that Gertrude was going to switch into a different class.

Well, unfortunately, Gertrude isn't always the smartest person. She left the letters in plain sight on the kitchen table! When Gertrude's mother got home, she saw the letters and called Gertrude to the kitchen. She then informed her daughter that NO MATTER WHAT, there was NO WAY that she was dropping out of the band. No matter how hard she tried, Gertrude couldn't get her mother to listen to her. Well, the poor girl got so angry that suddenly, her band shoes, which were also on the kitchen table, spontaneously burst into flame!

Her mother immediately tried to stop them from burning, but water made the fire spread even more! When the fire was finally out, Gertrude and her amazing mental powers had destroyed the kitchen table, telephone, and a row of cabinets. However, much to Gertrude's dismay, the shoes had managed to escape any damage!

Poor Gertrude! In addition to still being stuck in the marching band, she now had to spend all of her free time babysitting to pay for the repairs or replacement for the telephone, table, and cabinets!


It was halfway through January. Esther, 15 1/2, sat curled in a chair in front of the fire in the Ravenclaw common room. She wiped a silent tear off her face, thinking of Seth. She gave him her heart, and after 3 months he dumped her, with no reason other than "You're cool, but we're better off as friends."

She didn't understand what had happened. All of her friends said "He's a jerk! You didn't do anything wrong." Random guys would walk up to her in the hall, saying, "Um, Esther? I was wondering, do you want to go on the next Hogsmeade weekend with me?" But she turned them all down.

Sighing, Esther climbed out of the chair. It was very late now, maybe 3 in the morning. Quietly, Esther crept through the halls to the potions lab. Once there, she grabbed a few items and went to the Great Hall. Once there, she conjured up a fire under her small cauldron. She followed the directions from her notes, carefully mixing the ingredients together.

She finally finished right before six AM. She removed her cloak and brushed her long wavy hair. In only her long white nightgown, she sat on the Ravneclaw table and drank her potion. She then laid back and closed her eyes. Only 2 minutes later, the first student walked into the hall. It was Seth.

"Esther? Esther!" he cried, shaking her unmoving form. "Help! Someone come quick!" He then looked at the paper in her hand.

I loved you; you hurt me. If you love me, rush me to Madame Pomphrey right now.

He lifted her unconcious form and ran to the infirmary. There, Madame Pomphrey quickly supplied an antidote.
Esther woke, blinking her eyes. She focused, and found herself staring into Seth's concerned stare. "So you DO love me!" He embraced her in his arms, and swore to never hurt her again.

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