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HP Book 5 Trivia


1. What street does Mrs. Figg live on?
    a) Wisteria Walk
    b) High Street
    c) Pebble Creek Lane
    d) Fairview Lane

2. What is the name of the first Thestral ever born in the Forbidden Forest?
    a) Firenze
    b) Centurie
    c) Tenebrus
    d) Demotroph

3. What was the date of Harry's hearing?
    a) August 13th
    b) August 14th
    c) August 12th
    d) August 11th

4. In the fifth Harry Potter book, what is the title of Chapter 17?
    a) Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four
    b) Legilimency
    c) The Orb
    d) Prophesy Revealed

5. Who is the Lead singer of 'The Hobgoblins'?
    a) Harry Standonn
    b) Sirius Black
    c) Harold Wrinklehoff
    d) Stubby Boardman

6. What floor was Harry's hearing on?
    a) 7
    b) 10
    c) 6
    d) 9

7. Around what age did Sirius run away from home?
    a) 15
    b) 16
c) 16 & 1/2
    d) 17

8. On what date were Harry and Dudley attacked by the dementors?
    a) August 2nd
    b) August4th
    c) August 23rd
    d) August 1st

9. What was Harry's first O.W.L.s exam?
    a) Theory of Charms
    b) Theory of Transfiguration
    c) Theory of Ancient Runes
    d) Theory of Death

10. What is the name of the security guard at the Ministry of Magic?
    a) James
    b) Eric
    c) Bob
    d) Farley

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