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HP Book 4 Trivia


1. What color skin did the Merpeople have in HP4?
    a) Sea Green
    b) Brown
    c) Multicolored
    d) Gray

2. In HP4, what is the chapter title of chapter seven?
    a) Bagman and Crouch
    b) Quidditch World Cup
    c) Man with two Faces
    d) The Dark Mark

3. What color is Rita Skeeter's Quick-Quotes Quill?
    a) Purple
    b) Acid-Green
    c) Moonlight Blue
    d) Fiery Red

4. What chapter number is 'The Triwizard Tournament'?
    a) 11
    b) 12
    c) 14
    d) 9

5. What was the date of the third task in HP4?
    a) June 9th
    b) June 24th
    c) June 22nd
    d) May 31st

6. Who did Malfoy go to the Yule Ball with?
    a) He didn't have a date
    b) Padma Patil
    c) Cho Chang
    d) Pansy Parkinson

7. True or False: Mad-Eye Moody lent Neville the book called Magical
      Water Plants of the Pacific.

    a) True
    b) False

8. Which arm is the Dark Mark on?
    a) Left
    b) Right

9. What was the task of the 2nd Task?
    a) Solve the Golden Egg
    b) Collect the Golden Egg
    c) Drown Malfoy
    d) Get past the Dragon

10. In HP book 4, who stole Gillyweed from Snape's Private Store?
    a) Hermione
    b) Cedric
    c) Harry
    d) Dobby

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