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HP Book 3 Trivia


1. When there is a full moon which Harry Potter character turns
      into a werewolf?

    a) Uncle Vernon
    b) Lord Voldemort
    c) Professor Lupin
    d) Professor Snape

2. What was James Potter's nickname?
    a) Pladfoot
    b) Prongs
    c) Wormtail
    d) Stinky Peterson

3. During the Quidditch Final, in HP3, who saw the snitch first?
    a) Harry
    b) Draco
    c) Neville
    d) Cedric

4. In the third Harry Potter book, what is the title of Chapter 19?
    a) The Servant of Lord Voldemort
    b) The Knight Bus
    c) The Dementor
    d) Cat, Rag, Dog

5. On Harry's first visit to Hogsmeade who suggested going to The Three
      Broomsticks for some butter beer?

    a) Hermione
    b) Harry
    c) George
    d) Ron

6. What color are Buckbeak's eyes?
    a) Red
    b) Yellow
    c) Orange
    d) Pale Yellow

7. True or False: Ernie McMillan was in Hermion's Muggle Studies class
      in their 3rd Year at Hogwarts?

    a) True
    b) False

8. Who was best man at the Potter's wedding?
    a) Sirius
    b) Lupin
    c) Wormtail
    d) Severus Snape

9. In the 3rd book, what did the Boggart turn into when it saw Ron?
    a) A Dementor
    b) A ghoul
    c) A giant spider
    d) A chicken

10. Who did Harry have a crush on in the 3rd book?
    a) Hermione Granger
    b) Parvati Patil
    c) Professor McGonagall
    d) Cho Chang

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