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HP Movie 3 Trivia


1. What is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban rated in the U.S.?
    a) G
    b) PG
    c) PG-13
    d) R

2. How long did it take to create both the Dementors and Buckbeak?
    a) 3 Months
    b) 6 Months
    c) 9 Months
    d) 1 Year

3. Who is the director of the third Harry Potter film?
    a) Christopher Columbus
    b) James Oneal
    c) Steven Cloves
    d) Alfonso Cuarón

4. How many tracks are on the Original Motion Picture soundtrack? 
    a) 13
    b) 19
    c) 21
    d) 15

5. Who plays Pansy Parkinson in the third Harry Potter movie?
    a) Richard Stevens
    b) Genevieve Gaunt
    c) Pam Ferris
    d) Lindsey Shaw

6. Who was in charge of the casting for PoA?
    a) Jina Jay
    b) Katharine Nicholson
    c) Jany Temime
    d) Stephanie McMillan

7. Who did the voice for the shrunken head on the Knight Bus?
    a) Michael Jordan
    b) Jamie Waylett
    c) Lenny Henry
    d) Timothy Spall

8. How long is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?
    a) 1 Hours & 53 Minutes
    b) 2 Hours & 8 Minutes
    c) 2 Hours & 11 Minutes
    d) 2 Hours & 19 Minutes

9. True or False: PoA is JKR's favorite film of the first 3?
    a) True
    b) False

10. Which of the following did not help produce PoA?
    a) Michael Barnathan
    b) Janet Hirshensen
    c) Mark Radcliffe
    d) Tanya Seghatchian


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