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HP Movie 2 Trivia


1.Who plays Harry Potter in the second Harry Potter movie?
    a) Michael Jackson
    b) Sponge Bob Square Pants
    c) Daniel Radcliffe
    d) Emma Watson

2.  Who plays Gilderoy Lockhart in the 2nd Harry Potter film?
    a) Richard Harris
    b) Christopher Columbus
    c) Kenneth Branagh
    d) Tommy Pickles

3. What was the second Harry Potter film rated?
    a) PG
    b) PG-13
    c) R
    d) X

4. Who played Madame Pince in the second movie? 
    a) James Phelps
    b) Chris Rankin
    c) Bonnie Wright
    d) Sally Mortemore

5. What year did the second Harry Potter movie come out on video?
    a) 2000
    b) 2001
    c) 2002
    d) 2003

6. Who played  Tom Riddle in the 2nd Harry Potter film?
    a) Christian Coulson
    b) Katharine Nicholson
    c) Leila Sutherland
    d) Alfie Enoch

7. Who played Rubeus Hagrid in the 2nd Harry Potter movie?
    a) Michael Jordan
    b) Robbie Coltrane
    c) Kelly Ripa
    d) Barbra Walters

8. Who played Lucius Malfoy in the 2nd Harry Potter movie?
    a) Zoe Wannamaker
    b) Jaason Isaacs
    c) Maggie Smith
    d) Warwick Davis

9. Who conducted the music for the 2nd Harry Potter movie?
    a) John Williams
    b) Steven Kloves
    c) William Ross
    d) Michael Barnathan

10. Who did the Costume Design in the 2nd Harry Potter movie?
    a) Judianne Makovsky
    b) Janet Hirshensen
    c) Jane Jenkins
    d) John Dartigue

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