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Movie Mistakes

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    These mistakes have been gathered from various Harry Potter websites. Many more were found than appear here, though only true mistakes are listed. Though false mistakes along with an explanation as to why they are false, are also listed as well.


-When the Whomping Willow is crushing the Ford Anglia, Hedwig isn't moving at all.

-When Harry is stabbing Tom Riddle's Diary, the cut-scene where he closes the diary has his empty left hand closing it. But in the scenes  before and after his left hand is raised and has the basilisk fang in it.


-During the drinking of the Polyjuice potion, Hermion and Ron supposedly enter the same stall.

    This "mistake" is false because Ron and Hermione DO NOT enter the same stall.


-When Harry curses Draco during their duel Draco flies across the room and his hair gets messes up. When he stands back up his hair is slicked back.

    This mistake is also false because when Draco flies across the room his hair does not really get messed up. It moves around a bit but then it falls back into place, even before he stands up. ...I wonder what they use on Draco's hair?...


-The entire Herbology class should have fainted from the Mandrake's cries, because Seamus and Sprout carry on an entire conversation even with their earmuffs on.

    I do believe that the purpose of the earmuffs is to block out PART of the loud sound. I don't believe that they were supposed to go deaf once they put the earmuffs on, so it is possible to have a conversation with them on.


-The basilisk tooth that Harry is stabbed with is straight but the one he uses to stab the diary with is curved.

    Um...no both of them are curved.


-In the Quidditch scene when Harry breaks his arm, he leans on it for a moment to help him self up.

    When TWWN's Staff watched this particular scene we did not see Harry lean on his broken arm. But even if h had... even with a broken arm you can still use it to help your self up, though I imagine it would be painful.


-When Harry, Dumbledore, and Lucius Malfoy are in Dumbledore's office, and Harry says he will always be around to save the day, his face is clean. Later, when Harry gives the diary back to Lucius, his face is is dirty again.

    This "mistake" is false because his face is dirty in BOTH scenes. It's not much dirtier or cleaner in one scene than it is in another.


-When Harry jumps into his hospital bed after seeing Dobby disapear moments before, it shows him jump on top of the covers. Only one or two seconds later  he has the covers over him.

    The sheets appeared to be pulled back part way when Harry jumped on top of them. Second of all, a second or two later the sheets weren't exactly "on top of him", they were only on part way. They easily and quickly could have been pulled up if they had been pulled down to begin with.


-Not only does Dobby block Nine and Three-Quarters, but after impact and during a cut scene, Hedwig's cage is close, after being blown open from impact.

    From what our Staff could tell Hedwig's cage was NOT blown open from impact.


-At Flourish and Blott's, Draco's neck is bare as he is coming down the stairs. Later on, however, his neck is being covered up by what seems to be a turtle neck.

    Our Staff never noticed this mistake. Draco's seems to be wearing the same clothing during these scenes, so we are lead to believe that this 'mistake' is false.


-After the car hurls out Harry and Ron, the car begins to drive away and Harry and Ron chase after it. If you look closely you can see the shadow of someone driving the car.

    This mistake is questionable because when members of our staff watched the movie, and concentrated on this specific scene, this mistake was not noticed. So it leads one to believe that this "mistake" is not really a mistake, but others claim to have noticed the mistake so this "mistake" is questionable.


-During the filming of CoS, Emma Watson broke her wrist. Several times during the movie you can see a bit of her cast showing. 

    During parts of the movie a white something can be seen protruding from Emma's sleeve, but in my opinion the white thing I saw was just part of her undershirt. But it may have been the cast, or a mixture of both.


-At the end of the movie when Lucius is in Dumbledore's office, the sun reveals Jason Isaac's (Lucius's) true short brown hair, underneath his blonde wig.

    In my opinion this appearance of "brown hair" is really just the shadow that is cast on his hair.


Found a mistake THAT IS NOT LISTED ABOVE? Or do you disagree with a mistake listed? Then e-mail it to us at: thefans@twwn.net THANKS!

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