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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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Quidditch Practice
Time for Quidditch™ practice!
Harry and his friends have to practice a lot to become even better Quidditch™ players. Try catapulting the Quaffle through the ring to see if you qualify for a place on the Gryffindor™ team. Includes Harry Potter™, Madame Hooch™, and Draco Malfoy™.


Aragog in the Dark Forest
Enter the Dark Forest... if you dare!
Help rescue Harry and Ron from the giant spider Aragog in the Dark Forest! Pull the secret lever and they will be trapped in the spider's web! Includes Harry Potter™ and Ron Weasley™.


Escape from Privet Drive
Help Harry escape from Privet Drive!
Watch out! Ron is flying to Harry's rescue in his father's flying car. Don't forget to get all of Harry's school supplies from under the stairs so he can start another exciting year at Hogwarts™! Includes Harry Potter™, Ron Weasley™, and Uncle Vernon Dursley™.


Dumbledore's Office
Pay a visit to Professor Dumbledore™!
Unlock the hidden entrance to Professor Dumbledore's office and discover the magic waiting inside! Climb the moving stairs to meet the wise old headmaster of Hogwarts School. Connect Dumbledore's Office to your Hogwarts™ Castle set for the complete Harry Potter experience! Includes Professor Dumbledore™, Professor McGonagall™, and Harry Potter.


The Chamber of Secrets
Solve the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets™! Gather up your courage and follow Harry Potter into the Chamber of Secrets™! But be careful - the entrance gate doesn't let anyone escape! With the help of Fawkes The Phoenix and the Gryffindor™ sword, you can help Harry fight the evil lurking in the Chamber of Secrets. Includes Harry, Ginny, Fawkes, Tom Riddle™, Gilderoy Lockhart and Ron Weasley™.


Dobby's Release
Dobby™ is free at last!
Thanks to Harry's sock, the house-elf has won his freedom from the Malfoys! Set includes Dobby™ and Lucius Malfoy™.


The Dueling Club
Join the Dueling Club™!
Gilderoy Lockhart™ has started a Hogwarts' Dueling Club™. Will Harry win the duel, or will Malfoy's spell make him fall over? Includes Gilderoy Lockhart, Professor Snape™, Harry Potter™, and Draco Malfoy™.


Welcome to Slytherin™ House!
Draco Malfoy™ is in the Slytherin™ common room with his two friends, Crabbe and Goyle -- or are they really Harry and Ron in disguise? Includes Draco, Crabbe and Goyle -- turn Crabbe and Goyle's heads to reveal Harry and Ron!


Flying Lesson
Time for a flying lesson!
Harry Potter™ and Draco Malfoy™ are learning to ride their broomsticks! Will Harry catch up with Malfoy and be able to take back the stolen Remembrall™?


The Sorting Hat
The Sorting Hat knows all!
What Hogwarts™ house will Harry live in - noble Gryffindor™ , loyal Hufflepuff™ , wise old Ravenclaw™ , or cunning Slytherin™ ? Give The Sorting Hat™ a spin to reveal the answer! Includes Harry Potter™ and Hedwig™ the owl.


Snape's Class
Time for Snape's class!
Professor Snape™ teaches students how to make potions. Be careful not to spill the cauldron or you might lose house points. Includes Snape, Ron, and a ghost!


Hogwarts Express
All aboard the Hogwarts Express!
Enter Platform 9 3/4™ and you're on your way to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with Harry Potter™, Ron Weasley™, and Hermione Granger™. Don't worry about getting your bags when you reach the school - press a button and the luggage is unloaded! Spin the wall to reveal Platform 9 3/4, and open the compartments to see inside during the journey! Includes Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Kings Cross platform. Train does not run on LEGO train tracks.


Hogwarts Castle
Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! You'll find Harry Potter™, Hermione Granger™, Hagrid™, and Dumbledore™ there, plus plenty of surprises! Row across the water in Hagrid's boat, climb the spiral staircase to confront a ghostly knight, or get some spell-casting tips from Headmaster Dumbledore himself. Look for hidden areas and secret compartments in the Great Hall and the Library, but watch out for the spiral staircase that spins in different directions!


Quality Quidditch Supplies
The place to go for Quidditch Supplies!
Another school year is about to begin and Draco Malfoy knows he can find the best Quidditch™ equipment here at Diagon Alley's Quality Quidditch Supplies. But will he find a spot on the Slytherin™ Quidditch team? Includes Draco Malfoy, broomstick, and more!


Knockturn Alley
Taking a wrong turn while traveling by Floo Powder™, Harry Potter™ stumbles upon a dark wizard's shop in the dreaded Knockturn Alley. Can Harry stay hidden among the mysterious and unusual objects before he is discovered? Includes Harry Potter and Lucius Malfoy.

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