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HP Book 1 Trivia


1. What color are the Hufflepuff’s Quidditch robes?
    a) Black and Gold
    b) Green and Gold
    c) Yellow and Black
    d) Scarlet and Silver

2. What color were the troll’s boogers in the first Harry Potter book?
    a) Grey
    b) Puke Orange
    c) Burnt Green
    d) Brown

3. What did Aunt Petunia give Harry for dinner the night that Mr. and
Mrs. Mason came over for Uncle Vernon’s dinner party?
  a) Dudley's Leftovers
    b) Grapefruit
    c) Absolutely nothing
    d) 2 slices of bread and a lump of cheese

4. What Gringotts vault once held the Sorcerer’s Stone?
    a) #517
    b) #613
    c) #713
    d) #327

5. In the first Harry Potter book what chapter # is The Potions Master?
    a) 7
    b) 13
    c) 8
    d) 4

6. At the end of Harry’s first year at Hogwarts, who won ten points for
      standing up to their friends
    a) Harry Potter
    b) Draco Malfoy
    c) Neville Longbottom
    d) Dean Thomas

7. In Harry’s first Quidditch match, by how many points did Gryffindor

    a) 150 Points
    b) 110 Points
    c) 90 Points
    d) 130 Points

8. What year was dragon breeding outlawed?
    a) 1709
    b) 1713
    c) 1777
    d) 1377

9. Who said: Don’t ask me, they’re supposed to be really stupid.”?
    a) Ron
    b) Seamus
    c) Hermione
    d) Harry

10. What color eyes does Norbert have?
    a) Yellow
    b) Orange
    c) All White
    d) Magenta

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