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HP Movie 1 Trivia


1. Who plays Argus Filch in the first Harry Potter movie?
    a) Zoe Wannamaker
    b) Richard Harris
    c) David Bradley
    d) Arnold Schwartengger

2. Who plays Professor Flitwick in the first Harry Potter movie?
    a) Richard Harris
    b) Christopher Columbus
    c) Alan Rickman
    d) Warwick Davis

3. Who plays Quirrel in the first Harry Potter film?
    a) Ian Hart
    b) Richard Griffiths
    c) Maggie Smith
    d) Robbie Coltrane

4. Who played Mr. Ollivander in the first Harry Potter movie?
    a) James Phelps
    b) Chris Rankin
    c) John Hurt
    d) Matthew Lewis

5. Who wrote the screen play for the first Harry Potter movie?
    a) Steven Kloves
    b) John Seale
    c) Fiona Shaw
    d) J.K. Rowling

6. Who played Lily Potter in the first Harry Potter film?
    a) Emily Dale
    b) Leila Sutherland
    c) Katharine Nicholson
    d) Geraldine Somerville

7. Who played the Bloody Baron in the first Harry Potter film?
    a) Michael Jordan
    b) Robbie Coltrane
    c) Terence Baylor
    d) Barbra Walters

8. Who played Voldemort in the first Harry Potter film?
    a) Geraldine Somerville
    b) A computer
    c) Richard Bremmer
    d) Warwick Davis

9. Who is Steven Kloves favorite HP character?
    a) Albus Dumbledore
    b) Ron Weasley
    c) Hermione Granger
    d) Rubeus Hagrid

10. Who did the Costume Design in the first Harry Potter movie?
    a) Judianne Makovsky
    b) Janet Hirshensen
    c) Jane Jenkins
    d) John Dartigue

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