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Movie Mistakes

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

    These mistakes have been gathered from various Harry Potter websites. Many more were found than appear here, though only true mistakes are listed. Though false mistakes along with an explanation as to why they are false, are also listed as well.


In the flashback of the night Lily and James died, baby Harry is wearing "Blues Clues" pajamas (you can see the little dog on his sleeve)..... this is a television show before Harry's time, as well as it would have been unknown to the wizarding world.

How come Hermione is so confident that she'll get into Gryffindor'? On the Hogwarts Express Train, she is already wearing a Gryffindor tie (red and yellow) before arriving at Hogwarts or being sorted into houses.

In the beginning of the movie when the students are first sorted, a little red headed girl is sorted into Hufflepuff house before Harry. Later in the movie, she is seated at dinner at the same table as Harry, meaning she would have to be in his house, which is Gryffindor. How did she switch houses?

At the start of term feast, after Harry is sorted into Gryffindor, he sits down on the right side of the table next to Ron. When the feast appears, Harry is on the other side of the table, next to Hermione.

When Harry and Ron are late for Transfiguration, and McGongall changes into a cat, just after she changes back, she isn't wearing her glasses. Then she turns to lecture them, and at that point she's wearing them again.

When the owls first come with the mail and Harry borrows Ron's Daily Prophet, you see them fly thorough the ceiling windows. First of all the ceiling is supposed to be enchanted to show the sky, but it is just a regular ceiling. Secondly, on the Sorting scene and Halloween scene, there are no windows in the ceiling side.

When the troll is about to swing at Harry for the third time with his club, Ron levitates his club in mid-air. When the club falls, it hits the trolls head with a loud thud, then falls to the ground. But you never hear any sound of the club hitting the ground.

When the golden snitch fly's around a bit when Wood is teaching Harry about quidditch, Wood moves his head all around, but the snitch barely moves back & forth.

In the scene when Harry, Ron, and Hermione visit Hagrid, Malfoy is visible through the window. He appears to be eye level with the window and is shown turning and running away. When the camera zooms out later in the film, the same window that Malfoy is supposedly looking through is far too high for anybody to see through without a ladder. He obviously didn't have a ladder or he would have fallen off it when he turned to run away.

Inside the restricted library Harry rests a lantern in front of him-self to read, but his shadow is cast as though the light is behind him.

When the three children get past Fluffy because the harp is playing, as Fluffy wakes he dribbles on Ron's shoulder. However, when they fall down into the Devil's Snare, his shirt is completely dry.

When Ron first hits the floor after being knocked off the chess horse, his eyes and mouth are open. He quickly shuts them, but it's pretty obvious.

At the battle with the professor, the professor was perfectly fine when he tried to strangle Harry. It's only when he was touched by Harry's hands did he start to melt. But later Dumbledore said that the power was in Harry's skin (But apparently not at the neck).

Last scene of the Hogwarts Express. the trees to the left of the screen are blowing madly in the wind, while the trees to the right aren't moving at all.

At the end of the movie, When the train is leaving Hogwarts, where is the big lake that they crossed in boats in the beginning of the movie? If you look at Hogwarts there is clearly no lake around it.

In the beginning of the film, when we see Harry asleep in the cupboard under the stairs, his scar is right in the center of his forehead, but later in the film when Ron asks Harry if he really has the scar, it is above his right eyebrow.

How did Hermione know it was Harry Potter when on Hogwarts Express his scar was covered by his fringe?

Harry and Ron are speaking on the train. Ron has a long smudge down the right side of his nose. When they are eating sweets shortly thereafter, the smudge has shrunk to thumb-print size. 

In the final scenes, during the giant chess match. Harry has some gashes on the right side of his face, which are bleeding, then not, then they are all through the fighting scenes to follow. 

On the train to Hogwarts, Hermione tells Harry and Ron that they need to get their school clothes on, as they will arrive soon. It is daytime outside. Yet the train arrives at Hogsmeade Station in the middle of the night.

At the beginning when Harry first walks out of his closet, his shirt tail is up around the top of his pants, yet is pulled down when he walks through the door into the kitchen the next moment.

When the troll is discovered during the Halloween banquet, Percy supposedly leads all of the Gryffindors back to the common room. The amount of Gryffindors that follow him aren't nearly as many as those seen at the Gryffindor table during meals.

When Harry first finds the mirror of Erised, he walks through the door and the mirror is on his right. This is the same when he takes Ron to see it, but when Dumbledore finds Harry in front of the mirror, if you look where the door should be, there is just wall.

And.... the most famous mistake... In the game of chess Hermione takes her position as the queen-side castle and stands on a black square, but it should be a white square.


None found yet


In the scene when Harry is sitting in the dark looking at the mirror, just before the old man comes from behind to talk to him, you can easily see the shadow of a cameraman and camera on the wall. Explanation: I've looked and looked and have never seen the camera man's shadow. Anyone else seen it?

At the end of the film when Harry receives the photo album, the child in the photo is clearly older than I, but his parents died when he was just one. Explanation:
All babies look different at different ages, perhaps that baby was a year old.

When you see the Great Hall while the first-years are getting sorted, there are no empty seats at any of the tables. Yet, once the kids are sorted, they all have room to sit. Explanation:
This is the magical world we're talking about. Perhaps chairs 'appear' out of thin air when the new students are sorted. Besides it wouldn't exactly look very good to have a bunch of empty seats at the tables.

When Hermione casts the Alohomora spell she uses her left hand. But, all the other times she uses her wand she uses her right hand! Explanation: Often times actors/actresses are asked to use a different hand or to stand a different way for a particular camera shot/angle. Perhaps this was one of those occasions.

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