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Harry's Career and Future

By: Armalene

    In this article, I’ll talk about Harry’s career and future based on GoF (Goblet of Fire), OotP (Order of the Phoenix) and my own opinions.

    According to chapter twenty-nine, ‘Career Advice’, in OotP, Harry always wanted to be an Auror ever since he knew about it in his fourth year. In chapter twenty-nine, all fifth years are to meet with their head of house, in Harry’s case, Professor McGonagall, to have a short meeting to discuss their future careers. Well, during this short meeting, held at Professor McGonagall’s office, Umbridge, too, was sitting in a corner with her clipboard on her lap. As you all know, Professor Umbridge can be described as, ‘Evil’ because she is and a probable reason of her presence during Harry and Professor McGonagall’s meeting is to know what Harry wants to be when he grows up and to make sure there are laws to prevent his soon to be future career. When Harry had told Professor McGonagall that he wanted to be an Auror, she said he needed top grades, a minimum of five N.E.W.T.s, and undergo a series of aptitude tests at the Auror’s office in the Ministry of Magic. She also said that it is a difficult career path. Harry also needed to take the subjects Defense Against the Dark Arts (obviously), Transfiguration (transfiguring objects into others are very useful), Charms (of course he needs this subject!) and Potions (we need to know what poisons exist, even though the teacher seems to be poison). During their talk, made several coughing noises, which Professor McGonagall could no longer ignore. Umbridge objected to Harry’s career choice (like I said earlier in the article) and said that the Ministry looks in to the records of the person who is to apply for an Auror, their criminal records. Umbridge also thought that Professor McGonagall had been giving Harry ‘false hope’. Apparently, Harry had been involved in quite a lot of law-breaking situations, but all his charges have been cleared and can therefore be accepted. Professor McGonagall (as usual) loses her patience when facing Umbridge and said that she will assist Harry throughout his education at Hogwarts to fulfill his dreams on becoming an Auror, with the help of his other teachers, Professor Dumbledore and his determination, confidence and courage within him.

    Another one of my theories is one of Professor Trelawney’s good predictions. In chapter twenty-six, ‘Seen and Unforeseen’, she says that he will live in a ripe old age, become Minister of Magic, and will have twelve children (-Giggles-). Although Professor Trelawney may seem like an old fraud, her predictions can sometimes be useful (just like her prophecy about Harry and Voldemort) and it’s still a clue as to what Harry is to be when he grows up.

    Harry may be Minister of Magic if he wanted to. Its either he suddenly changes his mind of no to become an Auror and become Minister of Magic or people had forced him into office. Harry will probably stick to becoming an Auror because he’d rather duel with Death Eaters rather than sit in an office making difficult decisions that didn’t involve him at all.

    Harry might live a long life or NOT. As you know Harry is Voldemort’s prey. Based on Professor Trelawney’s prophecy, it’s either Voldemort dies and he lives or he dies and Voldemort lives, but I have the strongest feeling that Voldemort will die and Harry will live (:D). So Harry may live long (probably till 105 years) if he survives his final encounter with Voldemort.

    As for ‘will have twelve children’, we will talk about his relationship with Cho. Since Cho and Harry are ‘going steady’, this might continue and might one day get married and have twelve children (:O). The only intercepting fact is that (according to Hermione), Cho has to make up her mind on Harry and Cedric. It’s her choice if she should stay single and honor Cedric as a memory or marry Harry and have her conscience bothering her.

    The above is accordance to facts from book four to five . Here are my theories…

    Harry will live with another person, live in a place in the wizarding world that is exciting, will still have Ron and Hermione as best friends and will become an Auror.

    Harry WILL live with another person because it doesn’t seem like Cho (because she’s very emotional about Cedric and Harry) and Ginny’s (because she has moved on to other people and used to fancy him) relationship with him is working out. He will find someone else there is possibilities that it could be Hermione but definitely not any of the Slytherin girls. I think he’ll be married/girlfriend-ed to a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or a girl that he thinks is just like him.

    Considering his bravery and his risk-taking actions, he might want to live in an exciting part of the world. He may live in Romania with dragons, or some other place that J.K. hasn’t mentioned yet.

    I believe that Ron and Hermione will still be Harry’s friends because they’ve been with him ever since his first year at Hogwarts. I also believe that Ron and Hermione will slowly become close friends, then as boyfriend-girl-friend, then to an engaged relationship. They probably will follow Harry around until they settle down to another place but that doesn’t mean that them and Harry will break their friendship. They’ll come when Harry calls them and vise-versa. Through thick and thin, they’ll be together.

    There is a lot of evidence that Harry will become an Auror, but the main things are that he has top marks in Defense Against the Dark Arts without Umbridge, is doing well in Charms, struggling but receiving average grades in both Potions and Transfiguration, there might as well be a new Minister of Magic, he WILL pass his O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s exams and he WILL succeed.

    Thanks for taking your time on reading my article. Keep coming back and check out for my new articles and other articles you may be interested in.

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