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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

GBC Tips

* When Snape is not in his classroom, you can go in the room in which you try to go in and Snape says "That room is for advanced students ONLY, Potter!"

 * When in Diagon Alley and Hogwarts at the start of your adventure, engage in as many Magical Encounters as possible with the lower level creatures such as rats to build your experience levels sufficiently to take on the more dangerous creatures later in the adventure.

* When buying school clothes in Diagon Alley, immediately equip your clothes to get extra protection and attributes. 

* Search every nook and cranny in every room by pressing up against walls and objects and pressing A. There are a surprising number of cards and other items hidden throughout Hogwarts and its grounds.

* Hogwarts is a magical realm with many floors, and there are multiple ways to quickly get around without laboring up and down the stairwells. Some rooms will take you up or down several floors, as will other magical locations. Find and memorize these locations to save time when exploring Hogwarts.

* To trade cards with a friend, visit the card collecting club on Hogwarts' fifth floor.

* For the level with Quirrell use these two attacks( if you have them Loco Wibbly and Mucas du naseum) Use these moves because Loco mortatis uses 30 mp and loco Wibbly only uses 10 mp for the same effect and don't attack them when you paralyze them hit FLEE since you can Flee from a boss and it does the 20 any way and you can save your mp for Voldemort.

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