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A Full Moon
By Lillie K.

    Sirius Black turned, pausing in front of the small house.
    "Before you go," Sirius looked into the eyes of his best friend. James looked worried, his hazel eyes drawn. "A word maybe? By the stream?"
    "Yeah, sure, why?" Sirius was a little taken aback by his friend's worry. James was not the type to let others get to him. Although, when they were facing perhaps the greatest and worst wizard of all time, things were different.
    "Are you sure?" James began as they started to walk. "About Peter being our secret keeper? I'd feel a lot better if you-,"
    "James we've been over this! Voldemort suspects me! He knows that you would chose me over Remus or Peter! I don't want him to know anything! He doesn't even know about Peter, and," Sirius made eye contact with James. "And you and Lily and little Harry would be safer."
    But James shook his head. "I don't know. What if that's just what he wants you to think? He works like that, you know."
    Sirius stopped as they reached the sandy shore of the deep blue lake. The sun was shining, and it cast rainbows against the smooth rocks. "Trust me. I'd never do anything that wasn't good for you and Lily and Harry. You know that."
    "Of course I know that. So does Lily. I've always known that." James protested. He gazed down onto the shimmering lake. "But what about Moony?"
    "No!" Sirius said without thinking. James looked sharply at him.
    "Look, James," Sirius said slowly. "I don't trust him anymore. Where was he when Harry was born? Where was he when you had that homecoming party earlier this year?" Sirius made eyes contact, frowning. "He wasn't there. He wasn't there, James. He's powerful. How do we know he isn't working for Voldemort?"
    "I trust him Sirius!" James retorted. It was now that Sirius remembered how clever and powerful that James was, too.
    "You put a lot of trust in others, James. Some people say too much!"
    "Some people?" James echoed softer, looking hard at Sirius. "Some people? are you one of those people, Padfoot?"
    "No!" Said Sirius, horrified. "Never, it's just, better this way."
    James didn't say anything for a long time. He just sighed, and studied the white shores. There was a little pack of fox cubs, playing out by the waves. Four, to be exact. they tousled and chased each other, playing without a care in the world. Then suddenly they plopped down, tired in the sand. The sight stirred something in James's memory.
    "Do you remember when we played that trick on Snape?"
    "Which one?" Sirius said, almost grinning.
    "The one with the robes? How we dyed them orange? And you made sure he wouldn't be able to change them back." James said, smiling.
    "Ah yes. Do you remember Remus scolding us after that one?"
    "Remus, or Professor Mcgonnagal?" James laughed.
    "Both, if I remember correctly." Sirius answered, his handsome face breaking into a wide grin. Minutes passed, as the sun fell deeper in the sky.
    "I trust you Sirius." James said suddenly. "I just hope you're right."
    "I am, don't worry." Sirius nodded, pleased that his conflict had been solved. They started back, and when they got to the house, they paused. not wanting to say what had to be said.
    "I'll send Peter over tonight." Sirius said roughly.
    "I'll expect him." James looked up at the sky. "You know what tonight is, Padfoot?" Sirius smiled at the use of his old nickname.
    "No, what, Prongs?"
    "A full moon."
    Sirius smiled, as memories came dancing back to him. "A full moon."
    James grinned, too. As he adjusted his glasses, he slowly turned toward the house.
    And then Sirius locked eyes with his best friend, as they silently said good-bye. Sirius turned away, and started walking back. Unknowing that he had just seen his friend for the last time, he smiled ever so slightly.
    "Tonight." He whispered. "A full moon."

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