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Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them Trivia


1. What year was the Ban on Experimental Breeding passed?
    a) 1965
    b) 1971
    c) 1973
    d) 1969

2. What color is a Grindylow?
    a) Pale-Green
    b) Dark Gray
    c) Silver Blue
    d) Greenish Blue

3. What is the Fire Crabs native homeland?
    a) France
    b) Fiji
    c) Zimbabwe
    d) Australia

4. What does the M.O.M. classification 'XXX' represent?
    a) Boring
    b) Harmless
    c) Dangerous 
    d) Competent wizard should cope

5. What is the Dugbog's favorite food?
    a) Nifflers
    b) Cats
    c) Fire Ashes
    d) Mandrake

6. What is another name for the Augurey?
    a) Irish Phoenix
    b) Zinx
    c) Flipenhog
    d) Invisible Hawk

7. How tall do Gnomes get?
    a) 14 inches
    b) 9 inches
c) 37 feet
    d) 1 foot

8. Which of the following is not a type of troll?
    a) Mountain
    b) Coastal
    c) Forest
    d) River 

9. Which of the following is the Dugbog not found in?
    a) Europe
    b) Asia
    c) North America
    d) South America

10. Which of the following is the most dangerous beast in the word?
    a) Demiguise
    b) Quintaped
    c) Nundu
    d) Nogtail

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