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Quidditch Reverie

    The wind blew against Harry Potter’s face as he circled above the Quidditch Pitch in search of the golden snitch. Harry had risen so high that the rest of the players below him were merely colored dots, darting back and forth across the field. Once before, Harry had spotted what he thought to be the golden snitch. Yet it turned out to be the glint of Anjelina’s earring….
    WHOOSH! A bludger streaked past, narrowly avoiding Harry’s head. Harry had been unconsciously thinking about Cho Chang and the argument they had had earlier that day. “What do you think your doing Harry?” yelled Oliver Wood from below. “You can daydream after you catch that snitch!” Nodding his head to show that he had heard, Harry wiped all thoughts of Cho from his mind and veered off to his right to begin circling the pitch once again.
    On Harry’s second lap around the field, the last person he wanted to see flew up beside him. “Hoping to catch a bit more fame today Potter?” drawled Draco Malfoy. Harry ignored him. “Well you aren’t going to catch that Snitch today, I’ll make sure of that.” Throwing Draco a disgusted look, Harry dived and accelerated, eager to put as much distance between him and Malfoy as he could.
    As Harry passed the Slytherin goal posts a huge ROAR erupted from the Slytherin stands; Flint had just scored the first goal for Slytherin making the score seventy-to-ten. Before the Slytherin cheers had a chance to die down, Katie Bell retaliated by putting the Quaffle through Slytherin’s middle goal post. A thunderous cheer arose this time from the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff stands whiled the Slytherin catcalled and jeered from their own.
    “Flint in possession of the Quaffle” announced Lee Jordan. “Passes to Warrington, now back to Flint again, oh, nice reverse pass to Adrian Pucey. Pucey passes the Quaffle back to Flint, this doesn’t look good… Flint shoots…aha! The Quaffle is knocked down and stolen by Alicia Spinnet! Way to go…” WHAM! Warrington and Monatgue rammed into Alicia knocking her off her broom. Miraculously, Fred Weasley managed to catch her as she fell, and pull her onto his broom. Harry was about to fly after Warrington and Montague when out of the corner of his eye he saw Malfoy streaking across the field toward the bottom of the Gryffindor goal posts. Panicking, Harry whipped his broom around and shot after him. Harry was gaining on him, Malfoy was only 10 yards ahead of him, yet he knew he would never be able to catch up. Only a few feet from Malfoy, Harry watched in defeat as Draco closed his hand around the golden snitch, and then held his hand high above his head, a gleeful look covering his face.
    Draco had finally beaten Harry. If only Harry had not allowed him self to be distracted by the foul committed on Alicia and had…WHAM! SMACK! CRASH. Half the Slytherin team had crashed into Harry. “FOUL!” yelled Madam Hooch and Wood in unison. “What? Didn’t you see him?” asked Warrington in an innocent voice, “Potter was about to attack Malfoy! He’s just jealous because we…” “That is enough Mr. Flint” interrupted Madam Hooch. “I know very well what happened, sixty points will be deducted from Slytherin for your…” “My goodness! Fred! George! NO!” After dismounting from their brooms Fred and George had leapt upon Malfoy and were now attempting to beat his face into a pulp. Madam Hooch, Alicia and Wood rushed over to attempt to pull the twins off of Malfoy. After a few minutes with out prevail Madam Hooch stepped back and said, “Alicia, Wood, get back.” The two of them gave her a confused look but obeyed. “STUPEFY!” Fred and George fell to the ground as Madam Hooch’s stunning spell hit their bodies; Malfoy lay unconscious on the ground. “My heavens! I have never seen such a disgusting match. Wingardium Leviosa!” All three bodies rose a few inches above the ground. “Wood, please see these three too the…” “That’s ok Miss. Hooch, I’ll take them” Mad-Eye Moody had just appeared. “Very well” said a surprised Madam Hooch as Mad-Eye began making his way back to the castle with Fred, George, and Malfoy floating in front of him. “Now,” she turned around, suddenly aware that half the school had gathered around them to watch the aftermath of the match. “Go on all of you, back to your Common Rooms”. There were murmurs of disappointment as the crowd began to disperse and Harry, after putting away his Quidditch gear, began making his way back to Gryffindor tower.
    There was laughter up ahead, Harry looked up. Several yards ahead of him he saw that Mad-Eye was leading Fred, George, and…a ferret? Where Malfoy should have been was a ferret being dragged by its tail by an invisible rope. Harry smiled; Mad-Eye must have transfigured Malfoy into a ferret like he had done during Harry’s fourth year at Hogwarts. Harry thought back to one of his most treasured memories, during which Malfoy the ferret was bouncing off the walls and ceiling…
Suddenly, from a distance Harry heard three sharp knocks. “Get up!” Harry awoke with a start. “Get up now” demanded Aunt Petunia from outside the bedroom door. “I need you to watch the bacon” Harry moaned a reply as he rolled over and got out of bed. What a dream he thought, a smile spreading across his face. What a dream.

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