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Dog Star
By Amanda

All was silent in Little Whinging, Surrey. Everyone lay asleep in their beds as the night grew ever darker outside and their cars sat unwashed and their lawns uncared for due to the draught. windows flown open to catch a nonexistent breeze just as nonexistent as the ones summers past. The only light from in those houses was coming from a room on the top floor of number 4 privet drive. a sixteen year old Harry Potter sat at his desk finishing up his home work. On his desk were scattered pieces of parchment various spell books and his alarm clock which now showed 1:00 in the morning. Harry had been sixteen for a whole hour and didn't even notice. Harry Potter heaved a sigh and looked away from the clock. As much as he looked forward to his birthdays now he did not feel like being reminded he had lived another year and that the gaping sadness that was his in him was still there. He did not want to feel any more for his world had crashed to the ground that day in June when he had lost the only parent he had. The pain of Sirius' memory still plagued his dreams and so he did not sleep as well as he would have liked. Harry was tired. He was tired of the world with out Sirus and wished everything was right again. If.... If he, Harry had not been so stupid as to believe the false vision of Sirius being tortured then Sirius would not be dead. Harry got up and walked to the open window and looked out at the dark sky in hopes of Hedwig returning from her hunt. In stead he saw nothing. Harry stared out the window for a few more minutes and then walked over to his clock and set the alarm for 5:00. He would be going back to school next month and he didn't like imagining the pity he would receive for his troubles of fighting Voldemort. He just wanted things to slow down a bit. He did of course read the papers this summer and not one of them mentioned Sirius' noble death. This had angered Harry. He looked at the pile of Daily Prophet newspapers on his bedside table and sighed once more. Harry looked up at his birthday cards sitting on his dresser. One from the Weasleys, one from Hermione, one from Hagrid and one from Lupin. The Weasleys had gotten Harry a massive amount of sweets; Hermione had gotten Harry another class planner, Hagrid gave him a book about the Irish Ouiditch team and Lupin gave him a second set of Defense Against the Dark Arts volumes. Harry looked up after looking at his cards to find that Hedwig had flown back to her cage which was atop his school trunk. Harry walked over to her and stroked her absent mindedly. he then looked down at her and noticed she had a letter tied to her leg. He removed the letter from her leg and looked at it. It had the Hogwarts seal on it which meant his book list had arrived. He set the letter on the bedside table atop all the Daily Prophets. Harry just curled up on his bed and soon he was asleep. 

*   *   * 

Harry was awoken by a loud rapping on his door and sat up. "I'm awake, Aunt Petunia!" he called. "You had better be ready and dressed because your aunt, Marge is coming for a visit!" barked Aunt Petunia in reply. Harry took a double take of the words and stared at the door as if it were about to explode. The last time Aunt Marge had come to visit was when Harry had been 13 and he had inflated her and made her float up to the kitchen ceiling because she had made him angry. Harry smiled fondly at this memory frowned because shortly after he had run away and had met Sirius in an alleyway between Whisteria Walk and Magnolia Crescent. Harry rose from his bed and slowly walked to the dresser and got dressed. He then proceeded downstairs to the kitchen, where sure enough Aunt Marge was sitting. She stared at him and smirked. Moments later a bundle of bulldogs came trampling after him from her giant handbag. Harry stared at them as they pulled at his pants. They suddenly backed off at the sound of a high pitched whistle. 
    "I would have let them tear at you but I thought of how messy Vernon and Petunia's lovely home would get so I called them back." she said smoothly. Harry doubted this because she obviously didn't want him to hurt her precious dogs. Harry just nodded and grabbed a piece of toast and then proceeded back up stairs. Hedwig stared at him from her cage and he tore of a corner of bread and handed it to her. He then walked over to his pile of Daily Prophets and picked up the Hogwarts letter. He looked it over and read it twice. He was now very happy that he was going to be leaving for the Hogwarts Express. He looked at the clock and noticed that it was shut off. He must have broke it when he knocked it off the table in his furry of Aunt Marge's visit. Harry lay on his bed looking sadly at the ceiling. 

*   *   * 

Weeks had passed and soon it was September 1st and Harry woke up to the alarm and got ready to leave. The Dursleys drove to the train station and dropped him off without going in. Harry had purchased his things by owl post the previous week so he was ready to go. He grabbed a trolley and walked inside. after a few feet he spotted the Weasleys. He rolled his trolley over to them and said hello. Mrs.Weasley gave him a bone crushing hug and then Mr. Weasley gave him a hand shake. Bill, Charlie, Fred and George greeted him swell. Ron stood next to the platform waiting for the hellos to be over so he and Harry could go onto the train with Ginny. " Hello, Harry, how was your summer?" Ron said. "Uneventful," said Harry dully," How was yours?" Harry of course did not hear the answer for when they were through the platform Harry was busy staring at the most beautiful girl he had met. Although he had never seen her at school she looked about their age. Lupin was with her. Harry loaded his things onto the train and walked over to her and Lupin. 
    "Hello, Lupin," said Harry. Lupin smiled said hello and explained that he had to be going and that he hoped harry had a nice year. Harry stared at the girl when Lupin had gone and noticed she was in Gryffindor aswell.

*   *   * 

 Harry sat in a compartment by himself. Her name was Amy. He sat there in awe as he imagined her beautiful silky perfect dark hair and dazzling gray eyes. Harry had never liked a girl this much since Cho. He scowled as Cho came into his head. Harry hoped to Merlin that Amy was not at all like Cho. As Harry lay on his seat he heard footsteps coming toward his compartment. Then the door opened. 
    "Hello again, Harry," came Amy's beautiful voice," You don't mind if I join you, do you?". Harry sat up. "Not at all, come and sit," he said hoping not to sound eager. So through out the train ride Amy and Harry talked until Ron and Hermione came. Ron stared at Amy for a few minutes and then sat down followed by Hermione. Harry noticed Ron had stared at her for the whole trip. Soon the train stopped at Hogsmeade Station and the four of them got a carriage together. 
    "Did you guys know that those carriages are pulled by thestrals?" Amy asked curiously looking at them as she entered the compartment. The three nodded and settled themselves in. Amy scooted so close to Harry that he started getting nervous. 

*   *   * 

When they got to Hogwarts and had their beginning of term feast and had gone to bed. They got up to start classes. Soon days had passed and then turned to weeks and then finally it was Halloween. The Great Hall was amazing as usual. Harry came down the stairs with his new girlfriend, Amy. He and Amy and been going out since the second week of school when Amy had tried out for the Quidditch team and Harry, being the new captain let her on the team. Ever since Amy and Harry had been inseparable. Amy was glowing next to him in a lovely ruby red dress and Harry in his dress robes. The were on their way to the Halloween Ball. As they danced Amy rested her head on his shoulder. Later on after they had a break Amy and Harry were found sitting at a table where Harry had an arm around Amy's waist. Her head resting on his shoulder. Harry felt happier than he had two months ago. 
    "Isn't that enchanted ceiling just gorgeous," said Amy dreamily. Harry nodded looking up at the starry ceiling. He then looked at Amy and noticed her necklace. It was a silver chain with a star pendent on it with a little ruby in the middle. Harry had seen that necklace before. He had seen Sirius save it from Kreature because it seemed to be the only thing that Kreature had wanted to throw out when they had been cleaning Grimmauld Place. 
    "Amy, where did you get that necklace?" asked Harry. "From my father. Why?" she answered. Then everything clicked for Harry. Amy had been at the station with Lupin and the necklace had been at Grimmauld Place. Amy was Sirius' daughter. Then Harry asked the question to which he already knew the answer to: "Are you related to Sirius Black?". She sat up and looked at him searchingly. She sighed and after a few seconds she nodded and said, " He is my father," Harry looked at her in shock and thousands of miles away in London where the Ministry of Magic was Sirius Black was climbing his way out of the Death Chamber.


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