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Possible Future Couples

By Amanda

    One possible couple could be  Harry and Luna- there is some evidence that Luna seems  interested in Harry but he might not feel the same way. I have some evidence that they might be a couple in the future though! Harry and Luna have a certain understanding that death is a hard thing to face. Also loosing some one you care about can be very heart breaking. (definitely in Harry’s case is a major loss). Luna can get what he is going through and understands. Even though she is kind of wacky somewhat she seems like a normal girl and can definitely be someone to talk to! so in my opinion Luna and Harry would make a very communicative couple.

    Here is a  couple I strongly agree with:  Ron and Hermione. This definitely seems like its already blooming. Evidence to this is the fact that they spent the WHOLE summer together and never once told Harry this. Probably because they didn't want him to know of their newfound relationship or maybe they thought that he would be mad at them. Well, he was mad that the never told him that they had spent the summer together he might have been a little more disheveled than he already was so the did not tell him. more evidence is that they were "supposed" to go to the front of the train but would come back. How do we know this might not be true? Malfoy didn't go to the front of the train he was busy bothering first years! Maybe Ron and Hermione went off for a make out session, of course, we'll have to wait for book six to find out.

    Another possibly unnoticed couple is Harry and Hermione- I didn't say all of these couples were accurate but I remembered an interview for the second movie and that JK Rowling mentioned that she would leave subtle hints in the movie for future books. Well, if you notice in the scene where Hermione has been petrified and Harry and Ron visit her in the hospital wing, you will see that Harry is stroking her hand! This might be a friend-worried-about-another-friend but I'm just keeping an open mind. I mean it could happen.

    Another interesting couple is Ginny and Neville- yes, I'm sure some people might be skeptical about this one, but why not? I think this couple could work because I think Ginny might have liked Neville but isn't to sure about her feelings for him seeing as she is currently dating Dean Thomas. I am sure she might come around, but if not then, oh well.

    One couple that I think is totally unlikely but keep hearing could happen is the Ginny and Malfoy relationship- some people think that this could be a Romeo and Juliet relationship. You know how the story goes: two star-crossed lovers caught in a family feud. I for one think that is too corny for JK Rowling's masterpiece and is totally unlikely. I mean it could happen on the off chance JK Rowling wants to surprise everyone but that would be totally abandoning to Weasley – Malfoy hat circle. As it turns out in the fifth book the two families are related through the Black Family line. In conclusion: this relationship is so not going to happen!

    One couple that has already gone and passed but could come up again is Harry and Cho as much as I like Harry as a character I think his taste in women is awful! As we have seen in the fifth book Cho is a whiney blubbering git and wants nothing from a relationship but sympathy for her dead boyfriend. I think this is pathetic and as a girl I know that some guys would love to have a girl cry on his shoulder which is totally dumb on the girl’s and the guy’s part. Of course our hero puts an end to the relationship but as I said, it might come up again. I personally think Cho needs to get a grip and move on because Cedric as cool as he was, is not coming back so she needs to stop blubbering over him!

    Two obvious couples are Ginny and Dean and Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson- I'm sure that Ginny and Dean are going to have a nice relationship as long as Ron can keep his cool. Malfoy and Pansy have many reasons to be a couple backing them up I have a few of them right here: 1. The two are both in Slytherin house. 2. They both hate anyone "inferior to them selves" and, 3. They went to the Yule Ball together.  This why they are an obvious couple.

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