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Christianity and Harry Potter: What's the Point?

By: Armalene

    This is my first article although the topic hasn't been a first at all.

    Considering I'm Catholic and am going to a Catholic school, I've had some not-too-severe issues with my friends and classmates. They've always asked me, "Why are you so obsessed with Harry Potter?" As always, I'm not ashamed of my obsession and I say, "I just like it."

    It's normal for everyone to be obsessed with something once in a while. My obsession of Harry Potter has lasted 2 years, starting back when I was in 4th grade. It never occurred to me that some people might think Harry Potter was against my religion.

    I've read so many articles about Christians and other religious groups protesting Harry Potter. I mean, what's the point? Harry Potter is very similar to the Christians and Catholic religion. There is plenty of kindness and there's some romance between Cho and Harry and everything. You can also learn some important life morals by reading the Harry Potter books. There's no doubt about it because every story has a lesson hidden inside it.

    I also once read an article in my local parish weekly newspaper saying how great and full of Christianity Lord of the Rings is. Doesn't Harry Potter have some similarities to Lord of the Rings? But you sure never here the type of complaints the Harry Potter books receive with Lord of the Rings.

    One time a substitute teacher at our school was talking about temptations or something similar to that, and she talked about Harry Potter and I got so nervous that maybe I might get in trouble. But I just over reacted. When she said the word Harry Potter, everyone looked at me and someone said "Armalene", but I was glad she ignored him.

    Even though I'm obsessed with HP, I'm still keeping up with my religion and everyday life. I've made really good friends through the influence of Harry Potter. The books have inspired me and given me something to think about. I even involve my schoolwork with Harry Potter and so far, no teachers have protested against it. Thank God people are treated equally.

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