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Padfoot Sirius Black's childhood Hogwarts nickname. He helped create the Marauder’s Map.

Parkinson, Pansy A Slytherin girl with a face like a pug. Draco was her date to the Yule Ball.

Peeves A poltergeist who loves to cause mayhem. The only person who can control him is the Bloody Baron. However he does seem to possess a deep respect for the Weasley Twins and the pranks they have pulled throughout the years.

Perkins A timid, old wizard with fluffy white hair. He works with Mr. Weasley in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Department.

Pettigrew, Peter One of the makes of the Marauders Map. He betrayed Lily and James Potter and is responsible for their deaths. Also see Sabbers.

Pigwidgeon The small exuberant owl that Sirius gave to Ron to replace Scabbers.

Pince, Madam The ill-tempered Hogwarts librarian.

Polkiss, Piers Dudley 's friend who attended the zoo with the Dursleys and Harry in Book 1.

Podmore, Sturgis Member of the Order of the Phoenix . He is described as a square jawed wizard with straw colored hair

Pomfrey, Madam/Poppy: The Hogwarts school nurse. She is very good at what she does and insists that her patients rest while they are under her care.

Potter, Harry The boy who lived. He lives with his horrible aunt, uncle, and their overweight cousin. In Book 1 he became the youngest student in a century to play Quidditch at Hogwarts.

Potter, James Harry's father who was murdered by Lord Voldemort. He was a chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch team when he attended Hogwarts.

Potter, Lily Harry's mother who was murdered by Lord Voldemort.

Prentice, Mr One of Mrs. Figg's many cats?

Prewett, Gideon & Fabian Members of the original Order of the Phoenix . The were killed by five Death Eaters.

Prongs James Potter's childhood nickname. He helped create the Marauder’s Map.

Ptolemy A Chocolate Frog card character.

Pucey, Adrian A Slytherin student and Chaser on their Quidditch team.

Purkiss, Doris Wrote in the Quibbler that Black is actually innocent and that Stubby Boardman is the real Sirius.

Puddifoot, Madam Runs a teashop in Hogsmeade. Harry and Cho Chang visited this shop on their Valentines date in Book 5.

Quirrel, Slatero Former Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. He is responsible for the Unicorn killings at Hogwarts and helped sustain Lord Voldemort’s health in Book 1. Quirrel is now dead.

Rackharow, Urquhart Inventor of the Entrail-Expelling Curse (1612-1697)

Ravenclaw, Rowena One of the four powerful witches and wizards that founded Hogwarts. Ravenclaw House is named after her.

Riddle, Tom Marvolo,: Lord Voldemort’s true name. His memory in his diary controlled Ginny and made her open the Chamber of Secrets in Book 2. He tried to kill both her and Harry in Book 2 as well. He is also a Parselmouth like Harry.

Ripper Aunt Marge's favorite dog. Harry remembers when the dog chased him up a tree several years ago.

Ronan One of the many Centaurs that dwells in the Forbidden Forest .

Ryan, Barry Ireland's Quidditch keeper

Rookwood, Augustus He leaked Ministry secrets to Voldemort several years ago. He was an Unspeakable for the Ministry of Magic.

Scabbers Peter Pettigrew’s Animagus form. He pretended to be Ron's pet rat for thirteen years.

Scamander, Newt Author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Scrimgeour He was asking a lot of questions around the Ministry of Magic and Tonks warned that they needed to be careful around him to avoid increasing his suspicions about the Order of the Phoenix .

Shackelbolt, Kingsley A tall black wizard who is a member of the Order of the Phoenix and is an Auror.

Skeeter, Rita Daily Prophet writer who often times “stretches the truth” and makes false accusations. She is also an unregistered animagi.

Slinkard, Wilbert A wizard author.

Sloper, Jack Gryffindor beater (Book 5).

Slytherin, Salazar One of the four powerful witches and wizards that founded Hogwarts. Slytherin House is named after him. He also secretly created the Chamber of Secrets at Hogwarts.

Snape, Severus A greasy haired potions teacher that works at Hogwarts. He is also head of Slytherin house and hates Harry and his father with a passion. He is also an ex-Death Eater.

Smethwyck, Hippocrates Healer in charge of the Serious Bites Ward at St. Mungo’s. That is the Ward Mr. Weasley was in when he was bitten by the giant snake in Book 5.

Smith, Zacharias Blonde-haired Hufflepuff student and Quidditch player.

Spinnet, Alicia Gryffindor chaser and student.

Spore, Phyllida Author of One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi.

Sprout, Proffesor Herbology teacher and head of Hufflepuff house at Hogwarts.

Stimpson, Patricia One of the students in Fred & George's year that “kept coming over faint” because of the stressful O.W.L.s exams.

Stroulger, Edward A Chocolate Frog card character.

Strout, Miriam St. Mungo Healer in charge of the ward Mr. Bode was on. She was “suspended [from St. Mungo’s] on full pay”.

Switch, Emeric Author of A Beginners' Guide to Transfiguration.

Ted A Muggle news reporter mentioned on the Dursley’s television set.

Tenebrus Was the first thestral ever born in the Forbidden Forest .

Thomas, Dean A tall, black Gryffindor student who is a talented artist and signature forger.

Tibbles, Mr One of Mrs. Figg's many cats.

Tom Bartender at the Leaky Cauldron.

Tofty The O.W.L. examiner that judged Harry’s O.W.L. Charms Exam.

Tonks, Andromeda Nymphadora’s mother. She is also Sirius' favorite cousin, and is married to a muggle named Ted Tonks (deceased).

Tonks, Nymphadora Is an Aurour, metamorphmagus, and member of the Order of the Phoenix .

Tonks, Ted Nymphadora's muggle father (deceased).

Towler, Kenneth Had O.W.L. breakdowns, in Fred & George's year

Trelawney, Sibyll The Divination teacher at Hogwarts. She as described as “very thin” and has very large glasses. Harry’s first impression of her “was a large, glittering insect”.

Trevor Neville’s toad that he always seems to be loosing.

Trimble, Quentin Author of The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self Protection.

Turpin, Lisa A Ravenclaw student. Turpin, Lisa A Ravenclaw student.
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