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    Below are several Harry Potter bookmarks that were at one time on HarryPotter.com and or were found on other various sites on the web.

    To download and print one of the following bookmarks, first left-click on the bookmark that you want. Then, once the larger version of the image is loaded, simply right-click on the image and choose Save Picture As... and save the image to your computer. Then insert that picture into a word document and print it out.

bookmark7.jpg (57412 bytes)    bookmark3.jpg (54546 bytes)    bookmark4.jpg (60913 bytes)

bookmark5.jpg (55604 bytes)    bookmark6.jpg (57311 bytes)    bookmark1.jpg (76930 bytes)

bookmark2.jpg (84115 bytes)    bookmark9.jpg (62787 bytes)    bookmark10.jpg (71983 bytes)

bookmark11.jpg (68286 bytes)    bookmark8.jpg (66562 bytes)    bookmark13.jpg (113866 bytes)

bookmark14.jpg (77931 bytes)    bookmark15.jpg (120805 bytes)    bookmark12.jpg (121277 bytes)

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