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Number 12 References

Book 2

Harry turns 12 years old.

After Dobby drops the pudding on the kitchen floor, Harry receives an Owl from the Ministry accusing him of using a Hover Charm at 12 minutes past 9.

When Ron, Fred, and George got to rescue Harry, Ron says he wrote to Harry about 12 times over the summer.

When Draco is complaining about Harry, his father, Lucius, cuts him off and says he's heard this a dozen times already.

There are 12 school governors.

Lockhart says that in Chapter 12 of his book, Wanderings with Werewolves, he divulges that his ideal birthday gift is to have peace among all creatures.

Lockhart says there are 12 dwarf cupids roaming around the school delivering Valentines.

Bill and Percy both got 12 O.W.L.s.

Special Thanks to MuggleNet for some of these Number 12 References.

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