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Harry Potter Book 6 and 7 Rumors and Facts

By Harleen

Possible future titles:

Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch

    Apparently there is a a torch that emits green flames that destroys anything of an evil nature and restores all good natured things. If something like this exists, Harry and/or the others would want to search for it to destory Voldemort. I can't help noticing how similar this is to the legend of the holy grail, where King Arthur and his knights went on a quest to find the Holy Grail. The description JKR gave of the goblet in GoF was remarkably similar to the holy grail. This may be a clue to the title of a future book however.

Harry Potter and the Alchemist's Cell / Harry Potter and the Pyramids of Furmat / Harry Potter and the Chariots of Light

    These three titles were patented by WB back in April 2000, just before the release of GoF. Either they are future book titles, are future movie titles, or were patented to throw us off the scent. I believe WB did confirm they would not be future book titles in a press conference a while back, but it might still hold some clues later on.

Harry Potter and the Forest/Fortess of Shadows

    The only reference I can see here is to the Forbidden Forest, and although it holds many clues for future books, I do not think a future book will be based entirely round it. It may be that another "forest of shadows" will arise soon though. As to the fortress idea, I honestly can see no link to anything in the first five books.

Facts that J.K. Rowling has alluded to:

- We will find out something huge about Lily Potter in the seventh book.
- One of the students will become a professor, but not Harry, Ron, or Hermione. (maybe he will teach    Herbology?)
- The last chapter of book 7 is already finished and the last word of book 7
is "scar."
- Lupin will play a big role in the 7th book.
- We will find out why the Potters were so rich.
- We will find out why some wizards become ghosts and others don't. J.K.
Rowling told us that happy people don't become ghosts.


Concerning Hogwarts:
- Harry and Hermione will become Head Boy and Head Girl

Outside Hogwarts - Home, Family, Friends and Enemies:
-Something big will be revealed about Lily Potter.
-We'll find out why it's important that Harry has his mother's eyes.
-Mr. Weasley's flying car will return.
-We find out even more about Lily Potter.
-Someone/thing kills the Dursley's.
-Lupin will be killed by Wormtail. [It is possible, since Wormtail now has a silver arm and silver kills werewolves.]

Magical Community In General:
-Harry finds out more about Azkaban (and gets a look at it).
-The Dementors return
- Fudge loses his position as Minister of Magic because he denied
Voldemort's return for so long.


    Nearly-Headless Nick tells Harry, "I know nothing of the secrets of death... I believe learned wizards study the matter in the Department of Mysteries." I'm assuming that Nick is referring directly or indirectly to the veil that Sirius fell through. It's entirely reasonable for the veil to be a connection, gateway, portal, whatever, to another plane: the plane where people go when they die. The veil is possibly an experiment by such 'learned wizards' trying to contact the dead or make a connection to this other
plane. In this case, as Sirius didn't die from Bellatrix's spell, but merely from crossing the one-way gateway into this other plane, then the whispering voices that Harry hears are the voices of the dead, and this leaves the 'veil' open for later contact with Sirius - assuming that if one gets close enough, he or she can actually talk with the dead.

    I believe that the fact that in the end, Voldemort will kill Harry or vice versa shows us the end of Book 7, which perhaps is a good thing. I mean obviously, I and everyone else are clueless as to how Book 7 will end properly, but the general perspective is, one will kill the other. Do we immediately expect Harry to kill Voldemort? We know by now that J K Rowling is prepared to kill off good characters. I think that if Harry kills Voldemort, than Dumbledore will die. Why you ask? Well Dumbledore's roll as the only one he ever feared is starting to change. Voldemort assumes that Harry is not powerful at all, and treats him with arrogance, but is afraid
of Dumbledore because of Dumbledore's power. So imagine this: Voldemort will battle Dumbledore, he has no knowledge of the ending of the Prophecy, thinking it is Dumbledore who remains the biggest threat. I think he will win, because only Harry can kill Voldemort.

Soon we will see...

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