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Beauxbaton and Durmstrang

Headmistress: Madame Maxime - A very large woman, no-doubt with some giant blood in her, with “a handsome, olive-skinned face; large, black, liquid looking eyes; and a rather beaky nose. Her hair was drawn back in a shining knob at the back of her neck. She was dressed head to foot in black satin, and many magnificent opals gleamed at her throat and on her thick fingers.”

Have huge ice sculptures in the Beauxbaton Palace during the Christmas holidays. They also have “choirs of wood nymphs, ‘oo serenade” as they eat.

Students at Beauxbaton wear robes of fine silk.

Headmaster: Igor Karkaroff - “tall and thin like Dumbledore, but his white hair was short, and his goatee (finishing in a curl) did not entirely hide his rather weak skin”. Karkaroff also has yellow teeth. His smile usually does not extend to his eyes, which remain “cold and shrewd”.

“Vell, ve have a castle also, not as big as this, nor as comfortable, I am thinking. Ve have just four floors, and the fires are lit only for magical purposes. But ve have grounds larger even than these — though in the winter, ve have very little daylight, so ve are not enjoying them. But in summer ve are flying every day, over the lakes and the mountains—”
  -Victor Krum

Students as Durmstrang wear “cloaks of some kind of shaggy, matted fur”.

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