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A. P. W. B. D.
By Squeaker

Albus affixed his gaze on the wizard he had only heard of before. "Grindewald, I presume," Albus stated.

"And who...are you?" rumbled the deep voice from the mountain-sized man with glowing purple eyes.

"The only one who can defeat you...at least, according to our prophecy that's who I am," said Albus in an amused voice, while stroking his auburn beard.

The small mountain of a man gave a sudden boom of laughter. "I hope you are prepared to die, then," rumbled the deep voice.

"I have had plenty of time to prepare to defeat you," said Albus,"but, dear me...I'm afraid I have been much too busy to prepare for death. Well, I suppose I will simply have to not die then." said Albus with a small smile. "Shall we duel?"
"You are challenging me in my home," rumbled Grindelwald. "Be aware that you can not possibly hope to leave here alive. Do you honestly think there are no protective spells on this place? As a matter of fact, there is a very special one on the entrance."

"Ah," Albus nodded his head in appreciation of Grindelwald's strategic thinking, "a spell that will allow anyone to enter, but prevents all from leaving, I presume."

"By insuring a most horrible demise." Through the flickering torchlight Albus thought he saw Grindelwald smile, although it was hard to tell in the darkness of the stone dungeon.

"Nigra Conjuro!" A cloud of blackness, like mist but misteriously dark and foreboding, emitted from Grindelwald's wand and continued to expand as it floated toward Albus.

"Expecto Patronum!" Albus' patronus, a huge, gleaming white lion, erupted from the end of his wand. The lion circled the the cloud, gathering it up, then charged into the center and dissolved, canceling out the blackness.

"Stupify!" A red stunner flew out of Grindelwald's wand.

"Protego!" The stunner bounced off of the shielding spell and blew a good - sized chunk out of the moldy dungeon wall.

"Tentacula Extenscio," Grindelwald bellowed at the wall behind Albus. The mold on the wall began to grow rapidly and started writhing. Thick tendrils shot out and began to curl around Albus' arms.

"Amorphus Cotton-candious," Albus muttered and immediately he was surrounded by pink fluffiness instead of mold. Albus tasted a bit of the cotton candy that clung to his surrounded his wrist. "Not bad, what those muggles come up with. But I prefer those little yellow things they call Lemon Drops. Scourgify!" The fluffy pink clouds of sugar disappeared.

"You and your sweet tooth," Grindelwald sneered as he and Albus began to circle one another. "Your fondness for muggles and their confections make you weak. Serpentus Conjurus!" A large and very poisonous looking snake appeared in the middle of the floor. Grindelwald began to hiss at it, using parseltongue to command the snake to attack and kill Albus. The snake turned its attention to its prey.

"Mongoose Apparacia," Albus boomed and in front of the snake a very hungry- looking mongoose appeared. The snake hissed and the mongoose leapt forward, attacking. After a few minutes of struggling and noise, which Grindelwald and Albus watched in fascination, the mongoose began happily munching a snake dinner.

"Well," Albus said clearing his throat and trying to return his focus to the task at hand.

"Expellairmus," Grindelwald immediately boomed. Albus was thrown against the wall that had been blasted earlier and fell hard on a pile of rubble. Albus could feel that his knee was torn and bleeding from the sharp rocks. What was more worrying, however, was that Albus' wand had flown out of his hand and was laying across the room.

"It is time this was finished," boomed Grindelwald at the same time as Albus desparately commanded, "Accio Wand!"

Albus' wand zoomed to his hand just in time. As Grindelwald screamed, "Avadra," Albus cried, "Illumoria," and blinding white light flashed into being, washing out all sight with its brightness. Time seemed to slow as Grindelwald covered his eyes and involuntarily staggered back, even as he raised his wand and opened his mouth to respond with the deadly curse.

However, just before he could utter a sound, the movement of his last footfall connected with the ground and Grindelwald looked up in surprise as his hands and feet burst into flame. He had stepped into the doorway, and the spell he had put into place to keep Albus from leaving alive activated on himself.

"You may have defeated me, Dumbledore," Grindelwald yelled, " but my legacy will bring the world to its knees. A new world order of terror will begin, for I have trained an apprentice with more promise than I could have ever dreamed!"

"Who," demanded Albus, his blue eyes as hard and cold as ice, "who is your apprentice?"

Grindelwald's ominous laughter rang out as flames steadily covered more of his body.

"The boy calls himself....Voldemort."

And with that the flames consumed his whole body, leaving only a pile of ashes.

Someone rapped on the door. Startled, Dumbledore raised his face from the penseive.

"Come in."

McGonagall entered, closing the door behind her with a snap.

"Professor, I'm worried about Potter," McGonagall said, wringing her hands. "He seems... withdrawn. Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley say he spends all of his time studying Defense Against the Dark Arts. I mean, that's not bad, but, well... he's given up quidditch. Mr. Weasley said he saw a hand-written will in Harry's books. I mean, the boy never smiles anymore and I don't think he's left the castle once this year," she finished, looking worried.

Dumbledore gazed at her for a moment, and then prodded the swirling mist of the pensieve.

"It will take time," he said, picking up the pensieve and returning it to its place in the cabinet by the door, "but Harry will be fine once he catches up with his fate." Dumbledore closed the cabinet door behind which, in the pensieve, his memories continued to swirl.

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