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Dudley Enchanted: False
“An End to Conspiracy”

By Nathan H.

Dudley “Ickle Diddykins” Dursley is just that. He isn’t a wizard or any other magical being, and proof of that is in the Harry Potter Series. In this Editorial I will present to you the hard proof that Dudley Dursley is not a magical being.

Shooting down the first and most ridiculous proposal is that Dudley is a squib. The definition of a squib, according to JK Rowling, is a non-magical being born to magical parents. We know that Vernon Dursley is a muggle and we know that Petunia and Lily’s parents where muggles because Lilly was muggle-born. Which means Petunia isn’t a squib either. So what we can obviously conclude here is that Dudley’s parents aren’t wizards, and that it would be impossible for Dudley to be a squib.

The second excuse for claiming Dudley is a magical creature is saying that he is a wizard. First of all, Dudley hasn’t done anything magical, and if he where a wizard he would have performed something; out of anger, out of disgust, etc. Secondly, Dudley didn’t see the dementors when in the alley with Harry. If he where a wizard he would have seen them, unless he was lying about not seeing them. Now here is the knock out, “‘We have no record of any witch or wizard living in Little Whinging, other than Harry Potter,’ said Madam Bones at once.” This quote, directly from the bottom page 143 from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, says that neither Vernon, Petunia, nor Dudley are wizards or witches. Dudley, therefore, isn't a muggle-born wizard.

We do know that Aunt Petunia has more connections to the Wizarding World then Vernon and Dudley know about. She clearly knows what Dementors are, because of her reaction about them when Harry was giving them a description of them; but claiming that Dudley is a magical being has no hard ground evidence to defend itself.

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