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The Last Horcrux

By Nathan H.

I am really excited about writing about this topic because I know it will make a lot of Harry Potter freaks, like me, really ticked off. Harry Potter is the Last Horcrux. There it is…the real topic, not just the showing one that will get people to come read this editorial.

On October 31, 1981, Lord Voldemort raided the Potter’s house in Godric’s Hollow. James opened the door and presumably died in a duel with Voldemort. So he went on to Lily, she didn’t have to die, Voldemort only wanted baby Harry. Lily's love protected Harry, the Potter's house is destroyed, and Voldemort runs away without his body. That is all we know about what happened in Godric’s Hollow and for me, it isn’t enough.

Voldemort isn’t stupid, he might be brilliant if I am right about Harry being the last Horcrux. So we know what the spell-caster must do to create a Horcrux, muder-James Potter, and we know that he was one short of six on the night he attacked the Potters. Avada Kedavra kills a SOUL and leaves the body untouched! If there if two souls and Harry’s if the one in charge, he would die and Voldmort would have the only person in the World who can kill him’s body! And in another scenario it makes Voldemort immortal because even if Harry kills Voldemort, he is still living in side of him, and if Harry dies he lives on in Harry’s body! THAT IS PURE CRYSTAL BRILLANCE!

Harry speaks Parseltongue and was almost placed in Slytherin! The hat probably nerver tried two very different souls at the same time before so he has a little trouble. The same wand, and then the most important piece of evidence there is, “scar.” Why would Harry Potter have a scar because someone tried to take his soul away? There are no other scars, that we know of, on successful killed people…so why him? Why does it burn when Voldemort is happy and does the now dead Dumbledore know everything? Is he still keeping information from Harry…I mean the most powerful wizard in the world MUST have figured out something in 16 years wouldn’t you think? The scar is BIG it holds the secret…it might be the way Harry gets the Horcrux out of him or it might be the sign of ancient magic Lily put on him to save him. And what about glasses? Did James or Lily have bad eyes-it doesn’t say in the book and wouldn’t their be a way to fix the eyes with magic…also do you see the Dursleys going out and buying him glasses? Where they in the long letter Dumbledore sent Petunia. I could keep going on and on but I’ll stop here. But remember that when the Seventh and Final book comes out and you read the end and Harry is the last Horcrux…remember this paper and how some turn it down in disgust.

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