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The Simple Version of a Wizard's Life

By Nathan H.

Obviously, a witch/wizard’s life is very different then from the life of a muggle. Some believe that a witch/wizard’s life is more complex, but that is your opinion. We will travel through JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Series and extract a lot of the information JKR gives us about the life of an average witch/wizard-if there is such a thing.

The magical talents of a witch/wizard may not be perceptible as an infant. A magical quill at Hogwarts keeps a record of all magical children born and places them on a list of acceptance. Since a witch/wizard infant may be born to an unaware muggle parent, they might be considered “special” until they receive their letter from Hogwarts.

Witch/Wizard children can use wands to perform uncontrolled bits of magic. Kevin uses his father’s wand to increase the size of a slug in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Ron tells a story about how Fred and George transfigured his teddy bear into a spider in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets-McGonagall would be proud. Also in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, we learn that children with magical parents play with toys that have restricted magical powers, like a toy broom that hovers a few feet off the ground. From an interview with JKR we also learn that there are no magical “elementary school”, but some go to muggle schools or are home-schooled. Children are beginning to develop their powers and using their magical abilities in uncontrolled ways.

When children reach the summer they turn eleven, they receive the letter that changes their life forever. For muggle families, a trained witch or wizard comes and explains everything to the semi-shocked muggle parents. Not all families accept the Hogwarts letters, Lucius Malfoy thought about sending Draco to Durmstrang-it doesn’t say if he thought this before he started Hogwarts or afterward. Most students begin Hogwarts with little magical understanding. They get sorted, take classes, etc. At Hogwarts they begin their seven long years of magical training. In their fifth year of schooling, they take their OWLs and attend career advice between May and June. Then they attend classes that are required for their future career in the 6th and last year at school. In the 7th year they take the final examination of Hogwarts: NEWTs. At seventeen, they become an adult; but are still attending school at Hogwarts. They can also receive their license of Apparation at the age of 17.

Then it is their choice to continue your magical education or dropout, Fred and George left in style during their 6th year.

When they complete their Hogwarts training, they become a fully qualified witch/wizard. There is no further education after Hogwarts.

Witches/Wizards aren’t immortal, but can live longer than regular muggles. McGonagall is “sprightly seventy” and, Dumbledore was 150. Madam Marchbanks, who is still living, tested Dumbledore in his 7th year NEWTs, so she is really old.

Now it is your decision, which life-style do you believe is the most complex? I wrote about my favorite.

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