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Snape Might Be Bad

Okay, I know half of you reading the title want to hit me, but stop and just read on for a little. I know the arguments of Snape being a good guy. They are very convincing and were actually very close to convincing me on there whole idea, but then I came to my senses. Those of you who are a member of the T.W.W.N. Forum have seen my rantings on Snape and have certainly tried to put me in his place, but I have stood strong. Why? Here are some of my thoughts.

"He (LV) intends me to do it, in the end, I think. But he is determined that Draco should try first. You see, in the unlikely event that Draco succeeds, I shall be able to remain at Hogwarts a little longer, fulfilling my useful role as a spy."

Even before the vow was made Snape knew that he was expected to be the one to kill Dumbledore, not Draco

If Dumbledore knew of all the conversations and vows he would have seen that Snape was to kill him all along. While some think that Dumbledore knew of the "Unbreakable Vow" there is no proof of that. In this conversation, Dumbledore is brushing Draco off, telling him that Snape only told him what he had to, but is it possible that Dumbledore did not know all he thought he did?

"I tried, Draco. Prof. Snape has been keeping watch over you on my orders-"

"He hasn't been doing your orders - he promised my mother"

"Of course, that is what he would tell you Draco, but-"

"He's a double-agent, you stupid old man, he isn't working for you, you just think he is"

Shortly after this conversation, Snape was forced to make a decision at the end of HBP that would either prove he was loyal to the Order and Dumbledore or show us that he is truly a Death Eater. By killing Dumbledore he put himself in allegiance with Lord Voldemort. What if Snape never had to prove himself to the Dark Lord because he already trusted Snape? I wouldn't need to prove myself to someone who already believed me, but somehow Snape HAD to convince Dumbledore of his change of heart by using his weakness (wanting to believe there is good in everyone) against him.

Also, Snape has always been a mystery to us. We never knew more about him than we had to until we saw his worst memory. James and Sirius tormented him throughout there school years. We saw that Snape never let these memories and moments of humiliation go, even years later he carried those feelings of anger with him. Wouldn't the ultimate pay back be to finish off all the "Marauders" held dear, there loved ones? First James and Lily would die from his tip-off to Lord Voldemort, he tried to destroy Sirius' spirit in the OotP, and he personally murdered Dumbledore.

But Mary, he never killed Harry, which has to mean something? No, what it says is that Snape is careful. We all know of his intelligence. Wouldn't it have been stupid of him to kill Harry while he was under Dumbledore's protection? And if anyone could just kill Harry they already would have, right? But not just anyone can kill Harry, which is why the prophecy was made, to tell us Harry and LV are the only ones who can end the others life.

All these little things, plus some small quotes from JKR, herself, lead me to the conclusion that Snape is the master of betrayal. I am not expecting you to be convinced, I know you could argue every point, but I just hope it makes you think. Snape is a complicated character and I would like to give him that credit by exploring each path he could have taken.

And last but not least are JKR's own words:

MA: OK, big big big book six question. Is Snape evil?

JKR: [Almost laughing] Well, you've read the book, what do you think?

ES: She's trying to make you say it categorically.

MA: Well, there are conspiracy theorists, and there are people who will claim -

JKR: Cling to some desperate hope [laughter] -

ES: Yes!

MA: Yes!

ES: Like certain shippers we know!

ES: Was Dumbledore planning to die?

JKR: [Pause.] Do you think that's going to be the big theory?

MA & ES: Yes. It'l be a big theory.

JKR: [Pause.] Well, I don't want to shoot that one down. [A little laughter.] I have to give people hope.

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