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Protesting Harry Potter Protestors

As many of us know, Harry Potter is one of the most popular series around the world, making it a target for many activists. Though many of us look at these books as a great adventure and journey, some adults see theme as violent or dark. Some groups choose to interpret it as an advertisement for witchcraft. Many others have said it is a story of the "anti-Christ." Is all this necessary?

These books have provoked more reading than any other that I have seen. This very website was based on a reader, one who went beyond the book and put their creativity into a place where others could come. There are thousands of more sites like this and all created because of one person, JKR. So then why stop it? So many adults try to say "kids are too violent" or "they aren't as challenged as we were." All I can say is Give Me a Break! When we all finally find something to challenge our imagination, others want to turn it into something evil.

Some want to burn the books, others want to ban the books from being in school libraries. I say enough is enough. I am protesting the protestors of Harry Potter. This book has encouraged children to read, that in itself should prove that these books are a gift to people.

Another peeve I have is people complaining the books are dark. Yes, they are dark, though they are also comical and romantic at times. Sometimes they are suspenseful other times slow paced. These books provide so much that pointing out the "darker" qualities is a disservice not to mention inaccurate portrayal. You wanna know dark? Dark is when a children's book is ridiculed for stretching the imagination. Yes there are some more brutal scenes in the book, but no gorier then anything a person could see on the news.

My point? Instead of trying to protect us from something we love and are passionate about, protect us from something that is truly terrifying us like homework! Now there is a scary thought.

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