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Politics Within the Wizarding World

By Devina (The Charmed One)

    Hello everyone! I suppose you're wondering why I picked such a serious topic. Well, politics is in the air and I got thinking about the political situation in the wizarding world.

    We know there's a Ministry of Magic with the Minister and its various departments to control various aspects of wizarding life. I'll just list the Departments out here for you:

1. Department of Magical Games and Sports
2. Department of Magical Transportation
3. Department of International Magical Cooperation
4. Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
5. Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
6. Department of Magical Law Enforcement
7. Department of Mysteries

We know there's a Wizengamot, which can be called the equivalent of the Muggle judiciary. Although whether they have court cases like the Muggles do - civil and criminal - is doubtful. We certainly haven't seen any evidence to point that out. No one seems to sue anyone else for anything at all. Criminal cases definitely do exist and as we know, convicts are sent to the wizard prison Azkaban, formerly guarded by the Dementors. Who or what will guard the prison now remains to be seen. If the giants do come to the side of the wizards, it's a possibility that they can take over the job. And Hagrid would certainly like the idea of dragons. For all we know, Norbert can come back! Or Fluffy can play a central role. Fluffy can be equated to Cerberus, and is a good choice to stand guard over Azkaban. Even though criminal cases do exist, what's with the lack of lawyers or anything similar to that? Don't little wizards and witches say, "One day I'm gonna be a lawyer!" Or something. Perhaps some aspect concerning this issue will be dealt with later. The choices for careers seem very less don't they? People work in the Ministry or in Gringotts or become teachers or bartenders or fashion designers or journalists. No engineers, no architects, no carpenters?

    Now, back to the politics issue. As of now, Cornelius Fudge is the Minister of Magic. A semi-reliable source (read: Ronald Weasley) has told us that Arthur Weasley is a possible candidate for the post in the future. Has anyone ever wondered how the Minister is chosen? When do they have elections? Or do they even have them? Which age groups have the right to vote? Does the Minister then form his government? Can he be impeached? What is the tenure of his post? Which political party does the Minister belong to? Are there any political parties?

    As far as anyone can make out, the wizarding world is seemingly bereft of political parties. Which is quite a wonder, come to think of it. It implies that everyone is united and there is no ulterior goal as such. No party has to think of capturing power, because there are none. The most powerful position is of the Minister of Magic. How is this Minster chosen? Either the wizarding world holds elections with perhaps the Wizengamot presiding over it, or the Wizengamot personally chooses suitable candidates within themselves. I suppose the Minister then has a say in whom will be present in the various ministries, although I don't think they change the staff all that much unless some serious problems are ongoing. As far as I can figure out, the only changes have been in the Ministers themselves and in the staff if they die (like Crouch Sr.) or are unable to perform their duties due to some reason or another, like retirement.

    Besides the theoretical politics, there are internal politics going on in the wizarding world as well. Although the overt implications of political parties do not exist, there are cliques. The wizarding world can be roughly divided into those who believe in the concept of pureblood and those who don't. Each clique is interested in influencing wizarding policies. For example, Lucius Malfoy regularly gives donations and other incentives that make him an influential person especially with the Minister, that is, Fudge. There are also groups who are willing to side with Voldemort and unfortunately, quite a few of them are in the Ministry. Hopefully, now that Harry's story has been proved true, these miscreants will be kicked out. It is imperative that there be no divisive factions within the Ministry as the wizarding government needs to work together to face Voldemort yet again.

    How can Arthur Weasley become Minister of Magic then? Fudge is power hungry as everyone figured. There are 2, no, 3 ways this can happen. One, Fudge resigns because of the lack of trust of the wizarding world in his leadership qualities. Two, Fudge is killed. And three, the Ministry can have some sort of impeachment system. Something like the vote of trust, as I think the Muggles call it. This is a vote called within a government to see how many people have trust in the leader. If he loses, then he is forced to quit. And then…somehow Arthur Weasley comes into the forefront.

    Someone sympathetic to the cause of Dumbledore and Harry Potter in the seat of power would definitely be a great boost. Plus Arthur is quite capable. He is not guided by ulterior motives and is true to himself, which is the greatest thing a politician can be - true to himself and true to the people he governs.

    Voldemort's return is a crisis, and the people need an effective leader. Yes, Harry is the one to vanquish (the implications of this word have been speculated by Nina, take a look at her article) Voldemort, but the government needs to be headed capably. If the government crumbles, so does their world. And it is for this sake, they need to pull together and unite as never before.

    Enough of politics then! Next time…a lighter topic hopefully. Send in your opinions and any article topics to supersleuth_87@hotmail.com.

Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus!!!

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