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Weasley is our King!!!

By Devina (The Charmed One)

    As you might have guessed, I am talking about Ronald Weasley, better known as Ron. The lovable sidekick, that's Ron Weasley. He's like Samwise Gamgee and Hans Solo of the Harry Potter world.

    His relationship with Hermione is obviously growing. We don't need a rocket scientist to figure out that something is going to happen between them. There are many hints in the book, such as his jealousy over Krum that show he truly cares for her. In fact, even in the upcoming movie, PoA, the filmmakers have inserted a scene with them holding hands and then letting go as if conscious of the fact. They're dropping tantalizing hints and frankly, Harry-Hermione shippers should just let go. (Unless something happens to Ron!!! No!!!) To know more about this, I suggest you read Nina's excellent article on the topic posted on this website.

    As we know, Ron is the penultimate child of the Weasley progeny. There are 7 Weasley offspring and Ron ranks 6th. He got lost in the crowd and strives to prove himself. He didn't have much confidence in himself before, but becoming a Prefect and Keeping in the Gryffindor Quidditch team ought to do him some good. His winning performance that won the Quidditch Cup will keep him in good stead (pun not intended). Ron really cares about his family and is quite the elder-protective-brother of Ginny. He's got quite a good relationship with his family except with Percy. Not that it's much of a surprise; no one has a good relationship with him.

    Ron's got a great sense of humour. He's one of the optimists who can always see the bright side to any situation and is great at listening. Although much is left to be desired of his emotional range, which is like a teaspoon (love that line!) he's a best buddy of everyone. Another important part of Ron's character is his ability to hit the nail on the head. He seems to be able to predict things with such ease, that although he can never imagine them to be true…they usually do happen. He practically predicted Percy's betrayal, also predicted the outcome of the Quidditch Cup (ok so he said they have as much chance at winning the Cup as his Dad becoming Minister of Magic; but they did win the Cup which means Arthur Weasley has an excellent chance of winning the post!)…He has the makings of a fine accidental Seer. Professor Trelawney would be proud.

    As Harry's friend, he's stuck by him through thick and thin. They may have had a bad patch during their fourth year, but what friendship doesn't have its ups and downs? What made Ron even rebel? Hermione was perfectly right. He was tired of having living in everyone's shadow. When people have too many expectations of a person, that person may crumble under pressure. Upon Ron rested many hopes that he would do well in his studies as his elder brothers, that he might be a legend in his own right, considering all the Weasley's are famous for their antics. And the fact that proves his resilience, his loyalty, his strength and the courage because of which he was placed in Gryffindor, is that he did not break under this pressure. This is precisely 'what makes a man'. (I simply cannot remember where I read or heard that phrase; just couldn't resist putting it in!!)

    We know that Harry and Ron are tight. So tight that when the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament began, Ron was the thing that Harry would miss the most. We all know there are going to be more deaths, quite a few of the characters we love the most. One could very well be Ron. His death could be the thing that drives Harry mad enough to vanquish Voldemort. There can be absolutely no doubt that Ron will side with Harry till the very end. Of course, that depends on whether Ron will live to see the end. There's an interesting anagram posted on MuggleNet, which says that "Ollivanders" is an anagram for "Ronald lives" or alternatively, "Ronald's evil". I suppose if I try rooting for the second one, someone will kick or punch me, but I don't think that's possible anyway. There is no way that Ronald Weasley can be evil. So how about "Ronald lives"? It's possible. In fact, I hope it's true. Only time will tell.

    I, for one, don't want anybody to die. But we've already seen Sirius Black kicking the bucket, and he was someone no one really expected to go. Ron is someone we see alive when the series ends. However, J.K. Rowling is perhaps one of the most unpredictable writers. She can turn and twist a story and enthrall us. So we might all be thinking, "Oh, she can't kill him, but she will coz she won't think we'll expect her to do that!" And she'll think, "They don't want him to die, but they think I expect them to think that I'll kill him…so I won't!" Uh…hope that made sense!!!

    So until Ron's death do we part with him, which hopefully, is never! Till next time!

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